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A message from our CEO

CEO Message
Sadeesh Venugopal

President & CEO

Looking back, we have made our stand in IT a promising one. With warm client relationships over time and expanded services and solutions, we are making significant leaps in delivering seamless solutions to meet our client’s demands. As we are witnessing an increasing convergence between innovation and technology, we are proactively realigning our IT business to long-term trends.

Sensiple as an organization has evolved in fashioning new and meaningful business models at collaborative crossroads of people, processes and technology. The sustained growth DNA has placed Sensiple in the ranks of one of the faster growing IT services companies and we have always tried to place this ethos with our customer interactions and in what we build for them. The highlights of our focus on sustainable growth as the core business model are:

  • We identify what we are phenomenally good at what can be translated into frontline routine and leverage the repeatable model
  • We are focused on customer advocacy
  • Managing an entire operation

Our consulting discipline is striving on Organizational design know-how and streamlining the curriculum towards transparency and optimized utilization of resources. A comprehensive orientation on Process and its boundaries backed up with quality metrics is our focus to grow into a world class organization.

Disciplines of Innovation: Design as a role in Sensiple

Sensiple has triggered major changes in performance and processes in the organization and now we have embraced new ways of thinking by “Design - an integrated thinking behavior” into work. We deliver more practical and attractive propositions to IT challenges with open ended thinking efforts. Our sense of purpose and fulfilment lies in delivering sustainable and feasible projects - it is for the clients and we iterate our analysis till we get it right!

Our strides into the IT trends

Exploiting the IoT network at multiple connected points has posed a dynamic challenge to IT infrastructure to blend the device inputs and converge them by performing advanced analytics and eventually prove value for business. We are continuously updating our skill to understand information semantics and perform hard analysis on the data. It is a matter of rigorous scale up of service architectures along with the human minds to juggle with the humongous information to bring out best experiences for our clients.

Empowered Organization

We are a thriving bunch of professionals - diverse technologists, solution architects and system engineers with proactive sales and marketing who share organizational commitment to sustain growth. As we are able to spread the discipline right among our key assets, our employees are helping us build the strategic blueprints and connect to business goals.

We have calibrated the structure of the Operational Organization with a powerful initiative “Operation Vowel” which stands to empower our employees in realizing quality throughput. Driven by inspiring leadership, operations has demonstrated more than aesthetics and automation for us. Employee portals, Sales and Marketing Business Portal are our key assets to sustainable initiatives and fuel our strategies with ease.

We have tremendous opportunities at hand to nurture and evolve, with a strong technology and solution-by-design focus. Integrated thinking is our value to drive innovation with rigor and discipline. Our fundamental values and vision will drive us to an inclusive and sustainable growth. We are happy to associate with you all - We promise a great experience - Come and Innovate with us!

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