Integrating ServiceNow Incident, Request, User Management with Skype for Business (SfB) / Lync / O365

The integration of ServiceNow and Skype for Business can give Unified Enterprise Collaboration, an added advantage. This integration extends SfB collaboration to IT Service Teams. Skype for Business Adapter facilitates efficient sharing of Information between service teams and its stakeholders in an enterprise.

Skype for Business Adapter helps Enterprises to deliver solutions rapidly, respond in real-time and build a more powerful existence.

Install and Get Started

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Every stake holder in an enterprise can feel a sense of assured support with our SfB Adapter. The deep Unified Communication capabilities of Skype for business adapter are extended to a new level of operational support and hence paved the way to deliver additional value to our customers


Skype for Business Adapter - ServiceNow Incident, Request, User Management Integration Features

Single Window for Agent Support

  • Integration of Skype for Business (Lync) calls & IM with ServiceNow Incident, Request, User Management
  • Creating a New Incident/Updating an existing ticket from Skype for Business (Lync) chat window
  • User profile details which are recorded in ServiceNow are auto populated in Skype for Business Chat/Call
  • Listing of user ticket history
  • Save Skype for Business (Lync) chat history in ServiceNow ticket notes from Skype for Business (Lync) conversation window

Employee friendly

  • Chat as an additional channel to create tickets. Now, Employees has the provision for creating tickets on their own
  • Employees need not to repeat the same information again

Presence indicator within the Service desk

  • Ability to feature the Skype for Business Presence of a user in the ServiceNow portal. This enables the Service representatives to interact with the users and resolve the incident quickly

Virtual Chat Bot

  • Ability to define skill based queue and connecting appropriate agents within the queue. Multiple levels of queues can also be accommodated
  • Extending Microsoft Lync's ACD functionality over chat and voice channels to enterprise Service desk environment

Context Sharing

  • Users can move from one channel to other without losing the context of the previous interactions

Admin Console

  • Sensiple Skype for Business Adapter provides 360 degree view of the customer
  • Insights/statistics on various parameters like Call Resolution, Agent Productivity, Chat Traffic, Queue Load, etc. can be viewed on a real-time basis
  • Ability to add Agents, Queues and Virtual Agents across Chat and Voice channels. Assign agents to appropriate queues with single drag-and-drop
  • Pre-defined and Custom responses

Webchat to Skype for Business Integration

  • External users can connect with agents working on Skype for Business through the Web Chat bot available in the Website. Agents can also scale up the conversation for desktop sharing/voice calling by sharing the Conference URL to the user


Benefits to You

  • One-Click ServiceNow Incident/Request from SfB Window eliminates misdials and speeds up response time
  • User Friendly options to create/update an incident
  • Provides user the familiarity of using his/her preferred tool of communication(Skype for Business
  • Enhanced personalized interactions with customers
  • Empowers Efficiency
  • Hassle-free interaction with no inconvenience in switching between applications
  • Supports both on-premise and hosted model of Skype for Business