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Often, the business expects IT to ramp up as quickly as possible which necessitates the technology support team to have all the right support tools in place, along with mature processes.

While the technology team works towards addressing the business needs, it becomes easy for an organization to lose track of the ongoing support planning aspects, tool silos mitigation, and long-term service improvement or operational plans. Sensiple understands such challenges faced by technology teams and offers services that help organizations meet the business needs.

Sensiple’s ITSM and ITIL® Advisory services will help you maximize the benefit of ITSM program by presenting a detailed roadmap for your organization to progress. We collaboratively work with your team to outline best processes for your organization. Sensiple holds a distinctive position in the consulting and technology services market with a fully integrated, ITSM approach that covers the entire “People, Process, and Technology” spectrum.

Get a complete makeover of your distributed IT silos to an aligned and integrated system.

Sensiple’s unique D4 Rapid Assessment Methodology

How are we different?
  • Sensiple’s unique D4 rapid assessment methodology outcomes help executives clearly understand the state of their service management
  • Our ITSM advisory experts have in-depth and hands-on experience in
  • IT organization transformation management
  • 24/7 operations command center development
  • Service desk change management
  • Data center consolidation management
Our Advisory and Consulting Services Include

Business Stand Points

Assessment - Unsure about the level of your infrastructure maturity and which ITSM suite is best for you?

Solution - At Sensiple, we help you in assessing your current state [internal operations & acquired organization’s support] which covers people, process & support technology assessments. Based on the outcomes of our unique D4 Rapid assessment methodology, we provide recommendations on ITSM suites that will work best with your existing systems.

Roadmap - Struggling to derive the right approach and strategy for your initiatives?

Solution - The first step towards any transition is to have the right strategy and complete roadmap in place. Our consulting services will equip you to form a comprehensive ITSM maturity roadmap & funding business case development. This requires a consulting approach towards assessing the current state of your applications, infrastructure tools and methods, and organization readiness.

On-demand advisory - Need additional assistance during decision making?

Solution - If you are in need of additional assistance on a particular project, we are here to help you with it. Sensiple offers on-demand advisory services with pre-defined prepaid packages to provide thought leadership, research, and decision-making assistance. Now you can get things back on track when they go off course.

Support - Need support during transformations to balance daily operations?

Solution - Service management and implementation initiatives are sometimes one among many projects that get bestowed upon technology support leadership teams. Balancing the day-to-day operations management, and a transformation initiative, might not be an ideal solution all the time. In such cases, Sensiple’s ITSM services team can work closely with the technology leadership to primarily focus on working with internal and tool vendor teams to successfully manage such transformation initiatives.

Technology Stack

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