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Social Media as a medium of communication has transformed how individuals and organizations communicate to enhance information sharing. Information exchanges can be through photos, text, audio, and video. Social Media's relevance, pertinence and impact is beyond regular internet users, but in businesses as well.Certain applications of social media are in the form of Social Bookmarking, Social News, Social Networking, Social Photo and Video Sharing, Wikis

  • Organizations need to understand how to incorporate social metrics into traditional enterprises and processes.
  • Organizations need to consider and implement means to mitigate the risks associated with social business.
  • Change management is a necessity for successful social business practices in an organization.

Sensiple Solution

  • Analytics – Businesses in their conquest to gain actionable insights from social media, would require analytics expertise to transform this enormous information into actionable strategies. Sensiple's solutions for social media analytics facilitates organizations to take control of this data so that they can dramatically improve customer satisfaction, spot patterns and trends.
  • Social Media Marketing –Sensiple's Social Media services are customized to suit any client-whether a small and medium enterprise brand or a multinational brand. Since content is the core of our service offering, we seamlessly translate offline Public Relations activities to the online. We believe in creating effective points of engagement between your audience and your brand.
  • Social Master Data Management –Sensiple offers an end-to-end suite of Master Data Management (MDM) services to address MDM needs for every critical master data domain and industry. Sensiple's services range from offering consulting services to building a business case for a MDM program, developing a data platform to support a transformation initiative, building a data governance framework, implementing COTS products, to undertaking sustenance programs.
  • Social Customer Relationship Management – Sensiple unifies your customer data to gain actionable insights necessary to grow loyalty and secure profitability. Sensiple expertise in modernizing and transforming CRM systems and processes is uniquely positioned to support sophisticated CRM strategies. Sensiple offers a gamut of services from advisory and strategy consulting to IT landscape and process optimization as well as implementation and support.
  • Social Commerce – Social Commerce is a space which has been revolutionized through web and mobile network communication. Consumers are actively using these medium to discuss the value added by the products and services, and also voice their opinion. Retailers have realized the power of social commerce components like, referrals, ratings, reviews, forums, blogs, videos and social communities, and how they have a cumulative impact on their customer as well as the revenue stream and bottom line.
  • Social Apps Development – Sensiple execute social apps development strategy to address your objective to engage customers with your brand. Be it to renew, replace, consolidate, enhance – or build a new social media apps strategy, we at Sensiple are passionate about delivering compelling and refreshing social apps for business value.
  • Media and Content Services – Media and Content Services play a very significant part in the "social" part of social media. Targeting the right influencers to spread the word about your brand and its social media presence is of prime importance and a key strategy. It is the execution of all the strategy and planning that goes into the social media campaign – which Sensiple specializes and puts your brand in the conversations you want.
  • Social Integration – Be it Social Media Listening, Aggregation of social content, Sensiple helps customers integrate social media across channels. Sensiple's social media integration and aggregation across channels and platforms helps obtain optimum potential and value of social media. It is through harnessing the benefits of the medium of social media organizations today can add value to their products and services

Why Sensiple

  • Build content rich social channels to enable efficient customer engagement and enhance customer experience.
  • Engage with customer customers across social channels get intelligence / understand of the customer from social media expressions.
  • Measure, manage and provide a 360 degree view of social business objectives and value.
  • Manage, optimize and automate social assets and create value for customers.
  • Brand position for the customers and also for the prospective employees.
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Solutions Delivered

Developed and enhanced over 2,000 websites across domains

Designed and developed an official website for the mayor of a major city in the USA

Supported enterprise-level Lab Management System for a Fortune 500 Healthcare major

Established a Loan Processing System for a major bank

Developed a Real Time Trading Platform for a trading company

Provided Data Feed management services to a major Hedge fund firm with 24/7 support

Provided Application Deployment and monitoring support to a major Telecom company

Profitably implementing ITSM for a global Language Interpretation company

For the study of patients discharged from hospitals, designed HIPAA compliant Enterprise App & its Mobile version

Use of our IVR system to service high call volumes for an Airlines company, reduced cost and improved the traveler's experience

For a service center - Integrated voice authentication service with Genesys Agent Desktop

Built a test automation tool called “SWIFTest” for Functional Automation Testing

Working on a test framework for Functional Automation Testing

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