Voice BiometricPasswords are Passé - Your voice fits into plans to eliminate
PINS and passwords


Reinventing a new Next Generation Customer Experience, using Sensiple’s Biometric Solutions ( Click here to know more...)

Recent surveys have shown that 85% of people are dissatisfied with current authentication methods, which typically requires remembering multiple PINs, passwords, and security questions.

To address this need, Sensiple has come up with the most advanced and accurate speaker verification technology.

Sensiple, with its years of experience in real world voice biometrics deployments, helps to securely and automatically confirm the identity of customers – using just the sound of their voice.

Sensiple offers several solutions designed to help our customers:

Password Reset Solution: Re-invent mundane password reset approach with Voice biometric solution. Our Voice authentication is more natural, pleasing and seamlessly fits into your existing security approach. It is available either as stand-alone solution or as an additional layer of security.

Key Highlights ( Click here to know more...)

  • Improving Caller Experience: Quick enrollment which takes just 30 seconds of the Customer’s time to record a voice print and store for further verification. By verifying a person’s identity using their voice, the entire verification process can be reduced to a mere 5 seconds and is fully automated within the IVR
  • Zero Fraud Transactions: High-risk Internet transaction can be done with almost zero fraud with voice biometric authentication. It helps us cut the risk of impostors using identity information to access personal and financial records.
  • Complying with Regulations: Can process millions of transactions in a PCI Level 3 DSS Compliant, and high availability environment. It will help us comply with 2012 authentication standards imposed by FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council)
  • Convenient yet Cost effective: Voice verification is cost effective (no specialized biometric collection devices for end-users or specialized infrastructure hardware), non-intrusive and can be used to verify easily and conveniently authenticate remote transactions.
  • High levels of accuracy: Our voice biometric engine can deliver a false accept rate of 0.01% while maintaining overall false reject rates of less than 5%.

Sensiple’s Password Reset Solution ( Click here to know more...)

Most of us secure our digital lives with passwords — hopefully different, strong passwords for each service we use. Inherent weakness of passwords are becoming apparent with high profile breaches like ebay, Neiman & Marcus, Twitter, Sony, Dropbox, facebook.

Research group Info-Tech estimates that enterprises spend roughly $118 per user/per year on password-related help desk support and lost employee productivity.

Using Sensiple’ Voice biometric Password Reset solution, enterprise users can reset their own passwords quickly and securely. After a simple one time enrollment, users can access the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over any telephone to reset their password.

Our solution takes care of regulations and compliances set forth by standards like HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, SOX, PCI.

Sensiple Password Reset Solution Features ( Click here to know more...)

  1. Regulatory and Security compliance
  2. Enhanced Multi-Factor (includes Voice Biometrics based) authentication
  3. Secured REST based API usage for external system integration
  4. Instant Active Directory Integration & Synchronization
  5. Scalable & Concurrent user support
  6. Comprehensive reporting feature
  7. Loosely coupled architecture promoting optimum component utilization

Key Highlights ( Click here to know more...)

  1. 40% Reduced Expenses: Self-service Voice Reset solution helps to avoid the hold time to Help Desk.
  2. Increased Security: Voice Biometric provides an additional security unlike tokens, PINS and passwords, it cannot be shared or stolen.
  3. Anytime, Anywhere Access: Voice verification enrollment takes about 30 seconds to register using their own easy-to-remember phrase and identity verification takes less than 5 seconds.
  4. Quick ROI: Quick ROI is usually realized within two months. Our Solution PRS has helped to save 70% OPEX and Time in a year
  5. Greater access security: Your voice cannot be stolen, lost or faked. Voice biometrics solutions provide highly secure multi-factor authentication
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Voice Biometric

Solutions Delivered

Developed and enhanced over 2,000 websites across domains

Designed and developed an official website for the mayor of a major city in the USA

Supported enterprise-level Lab Management System for a Fortune 500 Healthcare major

Established a Loan Processing System for a major bank

Developed a Real Time Trading Platform for a trading company

Provided Data Feed management services to a major Hedge fund firm with 24/7 support

Provided Application Deployment and monitoring support to a major Telecom company

Profitably implementing ITSM for a global Language Interpretation company

For the study of patients discharged from hospitals, designed HIPAA compliant Enterprise App & its Mobile version

Use of our IVR system to service high call volumes for an Airlines company, reduced cost and improved the traveler's experience

For a service center - Integrated voice authentication service with Genesys Agent Desktop

Built a test automation tool called “SWIFTest” for Functional Automation Testing

Working on a test framework for Functional Automation Testing

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