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About Botomation

An organization gets Botomated with the utilization of AI for actionable intelligence integrated with enterprise systems for workflow automation and user collaboration solutions for interaction with users.

Cloud adaptability and increased commercialization has resulted in offerings like Natural Language Processing and understanding (NLP/NLU), deep learning and machine learning models available for any enterprise to use without significant investments. All an enterprise has to do is determine the strategy to identify the sources of data that can be leveraged by the AI offerings to label and come up with insights. The insights can then be used for interactions through a BOT or to initiate automated actions with or without human supervision. Botomation, a concept developed by Sensiple, focusses on harvesting actionable insights from history data to provide value to any enterprise by establishing a sustainable backbone to interpret, decide and execute.

To address the risk of unauthorized access of data or interactions, Botomation enables organizations to incorporate authentication and approval workflows based on the business need. One such example would be in retail banking where Botomation can be used to provide customer service similar to a teller at the bank where user authentication and identification is vital.

The overarching goal of our Botomation service is to enable organizations to significantly improve customer experience by analyzing large volumes of history data for insights with AI, utilize workflow automation and near human BOT based interaction capabilities. A few benefits include expanding your virtual workforce, transformation in customer experience, utilization of the human workforce for non-repetitive tasks and reduce operational costs.

For more information please click here : https://www.botomation.io/

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