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We are witness to a quantum leap in data produced by multiple sources. Obtaining instant clarity to this data is of utmost importance for businesses today.

Now, data analytics has become the most important part of any organization - without this, enterprises fail to take optimized decisions.

A primary hurdle for businesses today is to convert the existing data into meaningful insights and to present these insights in a format that is comprehensible and helpful in decision making. With Sensiple’s data analytics software, we help organizations to retrieve, analyze, and report data while bringing out insights that could assist them in taking informed decisions.

Our Business Analytics solutions have facilitated companies in enhancing their overall process, resulting in a better understanding of their customers, lower operating costs, and improved quality. With the help of analytics and a right visualization tool in place, our experts can help you identify future opportunities and an optimal solution for your existing problems.

How are we different:
  • Our self-service BI that eliminates the need to contact IT and thereby eliminates the intermediary time lag
  • Our solution is tailored to meet the customers' demands by ensuring faster and valuable insights for business growth
  • Our intuitive design is easily adaptable which empowers businesses to generate actionable insights
Our Offerings

Business Stand Points

Self Service BI - Completely dependent on IT people for accessing BI tools?

Solution - Self Service BI offers an environment where business people can create and access specific BI queries and analytics. Sensiple’s self-service report model helps organizations access and work with data, irrespective of their technology knowledge. Our solution gives access to the right people with the right tools which aid in quick decision making.

Decision support system - In need of improving your decision-making skills?

Solution - Organizations are now forced to use business intelligence in order to be alive in the existing competition. Sensiple’s business intelligence solution can improve decision making, cut cost, and improve the overall operational efficiency of the company. Our BI solution acts as a decision support system through which informed decisions are taken at a higher speed.

Customer Analytics - Unable to implement customer delight in real time?

Solution - Sensiple's strategy with respect to Customer Analytics helps enterprises mine consumer activities and identify distinct patterns of their behavior. This helps in generating insights and making decisions about acquiring and retaining customers, identifying high-value customers and proactively interacting with them.

Demand Forecasting - Struggling to determine the future demand for your product?

Solution - Today, decision-making in organizations has been aided by information technology. Similarly, Sensiple helps companies right from forecasting the demand for their product to placing them on the market at the right time and right place. Our analytical solutions can predict problems, quickly sift through your operations data, and optimize your infrastructure for effective operational delivery.

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