Accelerate the dynamic financial growth and sustain the industry disruption through enriched technology innovation and enablement

Sensiple leverages its technical and domain expertise to offer highly scalable FinTech solutions. We have proven capability in implementing dynamic strategies and innovative delivery models to address the evolving technological needs in the BFSI industry.

What you get!

Integrated solutions to address the growing technological needs of BFSI


Deep understanding of BFSI Industry

Matured product competency around complete process cycle

Quantifiable business progress after the implementation

Dedicated industry expert resources to support you 24/7

Customized solutions for optimizing the process of operating model

Going Beyond with Technology Enablement

The financial institutions need to grow their technical capabilities to compete and to unlock their fullest potential. Most of the FinTech decisions are made by considering their technological competences and IT strength to build sophisticated applications for optimizing their operational efficiencies.

Also, the financial firms are looking out to simplify their operational model for transparency & risk mitigation with reliable user experience and customer-centric solutions. Sensiple's evolving R&D with a strategic roadmap for new FinTech products and services will add business value by addressing the increasing demands.

Sensiple's 20 years of industry expertise offers state-of-the-art FinTech products for addressing our client's business challenges. Sensiple’s dedicated FinTech resources augment and support all solution and technology requirements and assure that business values are delivered.

BFSI Service Offerings!

Integrated solutions to address the increasing technological needs of BFSI


Multi -Protocol (FIX, ITCH, OUCH, FAST, EMAPI) Services

Easily integrated multi-protocol solutions to induce low latency communication.

BFSI Services

Reduce cost & complexity to enable business value in trade cycle.

Testing Services

Validating complex solutions and infrastructure to support the trading cycle.

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