Trade seamlessly with Electronic trading communication (FIX protocol) for all­ Buy-side/Sell-side/Venues participants. Sensiple’s PhiFIX is a suite of multi-protocol (FIX Protocol, FAST, ITCH & OUCH) based messaging infrastructure to streamline seamless electronic communications in the financial securities industry. It implements the automated trading of multi-assets, including securities, derivative, and other financial instruments.

PhiFIX suite of products spans across the electronic trading life cycle including, FIX Session testing, FIX Client Certification, FIX Simulation, FIX Messaging engine, and FIX Monitoring.

Why choose PhiFIX?

Low Latency: PhiFIX increases operational efficiency with low latency FIX connections. The transactions can attain high-frequency trading with secured connections & multiple connection support.

Increased Connectivity: Reduced cost and the complexity of a connection allows brokers, investment management firms, and trading platforms to achieve a more optimal level of domestic and global connectivity.

Adapting to Market Dynamicity: FIX provides a platform for trade and post-trade activities to thrive, reducing direct interaction among various market participants and making markets more dynamic.

Operational Efficiency: Minimizing the number of redundant, unnecessary messages and enhancing the efficiency of the communication protocol of the client base. 


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