PHOKAST- RTC, a real-time clearing Platform!

Accelerating post-trade services with market efficient real-time clearing solution is a must for trading members and clearing members to enable post-trade back-office and settlement activities. Seamless execution of straight through processing of core activities from instance trade allocation, give-up, position management, commission, risk management, report management, etc., requires robust infrastructure for comprehensive post-trade clearing services between clearing and trading members. An integrated, modern, robust, and reliable cross-asset clearing solution provides smooth functioning of all clearing activities from the time of transaction commitment until settlement.
Sensiple’s “PHOKAST RTC (Real Time Clearing)” is simple to use, intuitive, reliable, highly configurable, and designed to enable real-time clearing solution for clearing members and trading members who are trading with JSE - Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
Sensiple, an ISV of JSE, has successfully tested a real-time clearing & settlement solution for JSE’s ITaC clients.

How it works

PHOKAST-RTC is available as both web-based as well as thick client solution for clearing members and trading members complying with EMAPI messaging protocol to establish connectivity and performing the following daily clearing operations.

  • Configuring & managing clearing member/trading member environment such as user accounts, margin accounts, cash accounts, data subscriptions, and risk settings
  • Performing deal management activities like trade allocation and trade give up for on book & off-book trades
  • Managing client margin accounts and position accounts based on the data provided by JSE subscription management events
  • Seamlessly generating 100+ reports based on reporting requirements using any reporting format, any number of reporting fields, scheduled at any reporting event.
  • Track, monitor, and perform daily activities of business users using extensive workflow and case management components.
  • Processing settlement instructions and managing collateral by sending or receiving SWIFT messages to central securities depository and banks
What sets us apart

Scalable Solution for dynamic Market condition

Ascendable to meet the growing trade volumes and capable for an efficient Clearing Interface Solution.

Improved Operational Efficiency

This highly resilient system delivers zero -failure environment and enhances operational efficiencies through streamlined process flow handling & straight through processing.

Real-Time Risk Management

Real-time risk monitoring, generation, and processing alerts based on risk parameters.

Transaction Transparency

Enables market participants with transparent visibility on the clearing lifecycle across markets. Foolproof system to connect & integrate with members and with sub-systems.

Configurable Reporting

Trading and clearing members can create any number of ad-hoc reports using dynamic filters and configurable report templates that can be previewed, downloaded, and distributed to users.

Key Features
Secured connectivity with CCP & Exchange

Secured connectivity with CCP & Exchange

Highly Configurable, Scalable and Flexible solution

Highly configurable, scalable and flexible solution

Interactive Dashboards for tracking business process

Interactive dashboards for tracking business process

Real-Time Risk Calculation and Alerting System

Real-Time risk calculation and alerting system

Access control through User and Role configurations

Access control through user and role configurations

Audit Trail and Archive mechanism enabled

Audit trail and archive mechanism enabled

Ease to perform trade allocations and trade give-ups

Ease to perform trade allocations and trade give-ups

Subscribing data in Real-Time and On-Demand basis

Subscribing data in real-time and on-demand basis

Controlled Environment
Controlled Environment

JSE business flows and clearing operation flows are completely controlled by system administrator by configuring user management and application flow events

Data Transparency
Data Transparency

Workflow management and case management track all business and operation events and it is available to trace at any point of time

Cross-Product Support
Cross-Product Support

PHOKAST- RTC supports all existing products and as well as it can accommodate any new product, thereby enabling a consistent way to account for portfolio correlation

Rich User Experience
Rich User Experience

Business user can easily understand and adopt with PHOKAST RTC for performing their daily deal management, margin and position account management

Real-Time Risk Management
Real-Time Risk Management

Risk events can be processed and alerted to the system users to perform margin calculation and portfolio adjustment in real-time

Configurable Reporting Engine
Configurable Reporting Engine

Allows to configure, customize and assign reports to the workflow and it can also be scheduled in various frequency to send to intended participants

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