Setrega, a Banking Surveillance product to monitor your transactions real-time

A Rule-based surveillance engine that monitors current transactional data, non – transactional data, and historical data for identifying and reporting suspicious activity to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) through real-time trade monitor. This surveillance platform also monitors;

  • ML-driven models are resulting in increased effectiveness over time.
  • Initial transaction appropriateness analysis of risk thresholds, behavioral profile logic, and detection rules. 
  • Text mining methods that search free-form text fields for keywords and other important data patterns

Setrega can increase automation – minimizing unnecessary alerts & provides intuitive visualization and alerts.

Key Features
Data Transfer/Extraction

Data transfer/extraction – multi-source and multi-format

Big Data Processing

Big data processing – Huge data volume and scalability

Machine Learning

Machine learning capability and modelling

Integration with OFAC

Integration with OFAC and other sanctions databases

Historical Patterns

Data mining to find historical patterns for suspicious behavior

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence driven capability for smarter workflow and investigation configuration

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