Setrega for efficient day-to-day compliance workflow automation!

Compliance can be tiresome, expensive, and, if not adhered to, can cause reputational damages! New regulations are emerging every day to further investor protection and to restrict the unregulated business process. Financial institutions require end-to-end automation of internal and external compliance processes to identify risk associated with compliance through the centralized and secured tracking process.

Setrega, an end-to-end compliance automation platform, can simplify, strengthen, and govern the financial firm's internal/external compliance process and ensure all required compliance adherence across the organization.

Setrega helps to avoid non-compliance penalties by tracking the company's statutory and regulatory compliance. It also supports any origin of compliance, whether it may be regulatory specific (SEBI, NSE, BSE, etc.) or any audit types (Special, Internal, external, etc.).

What sets us apart
  • Automate the compliance process tracking & controlling —from documentation to planning, scheduling, reporting, mitigation, and audit for the enterprise.
  • Customize any compliance initiative or process for any size business entity
  • By centrally organizing, tracking and coordinating compliance activities with schedules and history, Setrega enables easier regulatory reporting and controls the risks related to non-compliance
  • Be audit-ready at all times with a single secure repository for all compliance data, documents, evidence, schedules, and history.
  • Prior Identification of non-compliance and real-time alerting / notifications
  • Accessing and sharing any regulatory texts/documents throughout the organization and streamlining compliance efforts by identifying new or updated regulatory obligations
Key Features
Compliance Process Automation

End-to-end compliance process automation

Calendar & Reminders

Compliance calendar & reminders

Workflow Management

Role-based approval workflow management

Document Repository

Compliance document repository

Customizable Management Dashboards

Customizable management dashboards

Insights and Intelligent

Compliance insights and intelligence

Compliance Tracking

Centralized secured compliance tracking

Notification and Compliance Updates

Real-time alerts, notification and compliance updates

Text Integration

Speech-to-text integration

Consolidated Reporting

Audit trail & consolidated reporting

Access-Controlled dashboard
Centralized, access-controlled dashboard

for monitoring the status of compliance workflows for the compliance teams, and the management

Real-Time Compliance Status
Real-time compliance status

on department-level, user-level, enterprise-level in a single window

Empowering Transparency
Empowering transparency and investor confidence

by ensuring compliance at all levels with evident list of non-compliance

Regulatory Changes
Scalable with the evolving regulatory changes

by staying updated on multiple regulations and the velocity of regulatory change

Cost of Compliance
Minimizes the cost of compliance

by rationalizing controls and generating reports/documents as per the requirements

Risk of Non-Compliance
Avoid the risk of non-compliance

penalties, and reputational damage with timely insights on compliance readiness at each department level

Performance and Decision-Making
Improve business performance and decision-making

through a unified and real-time view of the overall organization’s compliance status

User-Friendly Approach
Simpler, Faster, Collaborative & User-Friendly approach

to implement & track both internal and external compliance

Supporting Regulations

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