Setrega, automate the end-to-end global regulatory process!

Regulatory changes in the financial sector are increasing at a staggering rate. Many organizations are struggling with regulatory-driven transformations as new regulatory changes impose high complexity and stringent timelines. The rise in digital products has increased data breaches, cyber hacks, money laundering, and other fraudulent activities.

Financial institutions have to monitor transactions in real-time to identify such issues and irregularities. Also, to reduce the enormous and ever-increasing burden of regulatory terms, they are turning to RegTech solutions to overcome new & complex regulations, litigation & regulatory remediation and reduction in compliance cost.

Setrega, a global RegTech platform for all market participants, will facilitate financial organizations/reporting entities/regulatory authorities to automate their regulatory compliance requirements. It supports multiple regulatory frameworks (MiFID II, EMIR, SFTR, SEC, etc.) for global regulatory authorities (ESMA, FCA, SEBI, etc.) to automate their regulatory requirements.

It provides end-to-end regulatory process automation, during data collection, data validation, report generation, report verification, and report submission. It also helps to monitor and track the entire lifecycle of the regulatory reporting to regulatory authorities.

What sets us apart
  • Multi-data repositories connectivity management
  • Metadata and reference data management for data enrichment
  • Reporting rules engine for business rules configuration
  • Report generation and submission automation
  • Multi format report generation
  • Configurable report templates
  • Customizable reminders, calendar alerts & notifications
Key Features
End to End RegTech Automation

End-to-end RegTech automation with secured data maintenance

Quick Adaption

Quick adaption & easy implementation of regulatory changes

Prior Identification

Prior identification of regulatory breaches with predefined rules/alerts

Analytical Dashboard

Analytical dashboard with multi-format report configuration and generation

Audit Trail & Reporting

Audit trail & reporting history analysis

Automated Schedulers

Automated schedulers & auto reconciliation of trade data

Text Integration

Speech-to-text integration

Data/Report Validations

Ad-hoc & real-time reporting with data/report validations

Regulatory Changes
Ease of adapting to the regulatory changes

by just modifying the configuration rather than changing the entire application logic

On-Demand Reporting
“Real-Time” as well “on-Demand” reporting

at several frequencies via multiple channels in various formats for different repositories

Regulatory Process Automation
End-to-end regulatory process automation

from data extraction to report submission, which ultimately reduces compliance cost

Manual Intervention
Handles multiple reports without manual intervention

and thus saves time and reduces the operational cost

Regulatory Authorities
Track the entire lifecycle of the regulatory reporting

from creation till submission to regulatory authorities

Reporting Accuracy
Identifies regulatory breaches

in prior and trigger alert to ensure reporting accuracy

Supporting Regulations

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