PhiFIX, ITCH & OUCH based protocol products!

Effective integration and connectivity using ITCH (Market data) and OUCH (Order and Trade data) with the counterparty system and achieve high throughput, low latency in terms of business message transactions.
PhiFIX offers real-time log monitoring and alerting solution using ITCH/OUCH protocol, which is the major challenge in the trading industry.

How it functions

PhiFIX Suite of Products offers ITCH and OUCH protocol-based products such as client-side product connectivity, automation, and custom validation), server simulation suite, ITCH/OUCH based system onboarding, and extensive real-time log monitoring and alerting products. From server and client simulation products, users can perform;

  • Pre-trade, trade and post-trade transactions
  • Customized validation-based executions
  • Multiple data dictionary management
  • Report generation and archiving

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