Sensiple’s mobile trading application called Swapcue for sell-side institutions and their clients to place and track their orders on the go, with real-time market data. This trading platform (trading application & Order Management Platform (OMP)) is precisely developed for sell-side firms to provide “On the Go” trading platform for their investors.
Swapcue a handy application for the investors to trade across multiple stock exchanges in the world. It can be accessed through mobile (Android & iOS users), desktop, and web-based. Sensiple’s Swapcue has been crafted with advanced user interference and minimal navigation for any trading investors to assist and track orders efficiently.
Swapcue has been packed along with a lighter weight order management platform for financial advisors, broker-dealers to effectively manage the users, and the orders placed by them. This application helps investors in tracking the live market, monitor the stock quotes, analyzing the market movements, trends with In-depth coverage of market information with many more features.

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