Setrega, the reconciliation platform can automate your complex process of reconciling financial data!

Most of the financial firms managing complex portfolios tend to use homegrown, heavily-customized systems which provide data in a multitude of formats. The lack of a robust automation process complicates the synchronization process manifold. So they need a reconciliation solution that allows efficient synchronization and verification of data, which can send alerts on data inconsistencies and generates outputs in formats mandated by regulators. This reconciliation solution should reduce the risks by enabling transparency and regulatory adherence.

Setrega, a global reconciliation platform for any BFSI participants can extract data from multiple sources, validate, reconcile, generate reports, and automate repeatable reconciliation workflows. Through simplified configurations and four eye check workflow mechanism, Setrega reduces the manual efforts required for accurate reconciliation. Its primary focus is to extract information from any system and perform reconciliation needed on the available data to generate the reconciliation reports. It streamlines operations, processes, workflow, and also generates comprehensive/accurate reports for the users.

It supports “Real-Time” and “On-Demand” data reconciliation at different frequencies via multiple channels in various formats. Also, it helps to track the entire reconciliation process starting from data extraction/validation until submission of reconciliation reports to authorities.

What sets us apart
  • Multi-format reporting
  • Tolerance settings
  • Configurable data integration platform
  • Individual/consolidated reporting
  • Matching profile configuration
  • Business rule validation
  • Reports repository & archival of reconciled reports
  • Audit trial history of any modifications
Key Features
Process Automation

End-to-end reconciliation process automation

Multi-Level Reconciliation

Multi-level reconciliation

Multi-format Data Supportive

Multi-format data supportive

Data Enrichment and Validation

Data enrichment and validation

Managerial Dashboard

Managerial dashboard

Predefined Matching Rules

Predefined matching rules

Tolerance Settings

Tolerance settings

Approve Mechanism

Review and approve mechanism

Alerts and Notifications

Real-time exception alerts and notifications

Archive Settings

Automatic scheduler & archive settings

Reduced Operational Cost
Reduced operational cost

as the entire reconciliation process is automated

Automated Role-Based Approval
Automated role-based approval workflows

with due date driven notifications to ensure on-time task completion

Automated Archival
Automated archival

enables data protected for reference & auditing

Customizable Reports / Dashboards
Customizable reports/dashboards

to accelerate data-driven business decisions

Performs Risk management
Performs risk management

using predefined rules & tightens control

Exception & Alert Mechanism
Exception & alert mechanism proactively

reduces risk via automated notifications

Reconciliation Process
Track the entire lifecycle of the reconciliation process

from data collection until report generation.

Real-Time Alerts
Real-time alerts in case of data mismatch

which helps to rectify and make necessary changes promptly.

Seamless Integration
Seamless integration with an existing system

in the client’s landscape system

End-to-End Automation
Provides end-to-end automation during the entire process

of reconciliation report generation & verification and workflow of data corrections.

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