PhiSWIFT, a SWIFT Protocol-based Engine

SWIFT engine is a business pre-configurable engine for multiple message structures according to swift protocol ISO STANDARD across all banking and financial institutions across all business. PHISWIFT engine is a robust core engine that will support various message types, including payments, treasury, security settlements. It will also provide the ability to validate the message structure and format as well as real-time integration with OFAC/GI for AML validations.

What sets us apart
Market-affordable Cost-effective SWIFT Protocol Solutions

Market-affordable cost-effective SWIFT protocol solutions

Deployment model: On-premise/SAAS Model

Deployment model: On-premise/SaaS Model

Customizable framework as per client’s requirement

Customizable framework as per client’s requirement

Real time integarations via API’s global sancations databases

Real time integrations via API’s global sanctions databases

Swift validaitons and Swift response

SWIFT validations and SWIFT response

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