Setrega, a Trade capture Solution to achieve trade transparency through MiFID II reporting!

Setrega facilitates the broker and trading systems to formulate reports into FIX messages with trade enrichment/transformation and connects to the Tradecho server. It can be integrated with the client system and support proprietary report standards of the MIFID 2 framework.

Setrega trade capture solution is the trade reporting framework builder based on MIFID 2 through FIX format to report and publish trades. It addresses the pain points of all market traders in simplifying the trade reports using a highly efficient FIX adapter. It manages complete message handling and displays FIX events in blotter UI with full transactional records in status-wise. 

Once the FIX session is established and connected, the FIX adapter performs data mapping, converts multiple different source files into FIX format, processes the FIX messages, and routes the FIX message. Then, the FIX adapter collects all its response messages and updates user-wise information based on the response it receives and the updated status.

What sets us apart
  • Multi connectivity to the input source (Sourcing DB)
  • Standard data formats (JSON, XML, CSV, etc.)
  • FIX connectivity
  • Failover mechanism
  • Message handling
  • Trade enrichment and transformation
  • FIX event manager
  • Data validator
  • Generalized and personalized data mapping.
Key Features
Effective Management

Effective FIX connectivity management

Business Level Validations

Business level validations

Import/Export Functionality

Import/export functionality

Data Conversion/Mapping

Effective data conversion/mapping

Powerful Web-based Application

Powerful web-based application

blotter UI

Intuitive trade blotter UI

Business Scenarios

Support deferral business scenarios

Easy Integration

Easy integration with sourcing

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