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Measuring DevOps success – Abstract or Tangible?

The objective of digitalization is not just to adapt modern technologies but to create a robust IT landscape that adds value in business aspects like improve time to market, create brand differentiation, increase customer loyalty, user experience etc., DevOps helps in fashioning such a responsive IT landscape, by enabling enterprises in rapid development and deployment of high-end IT solutions.

In the era of Digital Transformation and evolving demands for high-performance applications, DevOps ranks first in terms of consistency and strategy for most enterprises.

ITSM Automation is the key to realizing the value of Digital Transformation

Enterprise is heading towards Digital Transformation, and it’s their top agenda nowadays. As we know, nothing captivating is ever completely one-sided. The increasing level of dynamics and fast-paced drama of digitalization requires strengthening the arsenal of IT service automation.

One, two and three of a successful Cloud PoC

When it comes to Cloud adoption, most of the enterprises would like to take a ‘look before you leap’ approach i.e. Proof of Concept (PoC) approach to minimize risk and test water the new business approach. But most often they start thinking about the large portrait of Cloud and miss to see the smaller bubbles that are required to build the bigger picture. Here you go - the top three realistic tips to get the best out of your Cloud PoC.

Sensiple Skype4B Adapter in ServiceNow App Store

Integrating ServiceNow Incident, Request, User Management with Skype for Business (SfB) / Lync / O365

Sensiple, an award winning solution provider for collaboration, communications and customer engagement has recently listed Skype4B Adapter for ServiceNow in ServiceNow App Store

Ideal Products/Applications for Test Automation

The goal of automation is not to eliminate manual testing, but to reduce the number of test cases that need to run manually.

In Mainframe applications, millions of records are tested. In such cases, the use of Automation Tool gives efficiency and quality, compared to manual testing in finding the defects.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing, which is often referred as black box testing technique is all about exploring things during testing. Unlike other testing concepts, exploring is more of a hands-on approach with minimum planning and maximum execution. Greater focus is on exploring what the software does, how it works, what functionalities go through the testing funnel and so on.

Email Marketing 2016 - stay relevant with predictions

Email marketing is alive and fighting fit. In spite of it often being seen as an outdated digital medium, it remains relevant as an irreplaceable tool for marketers. It has evolved a lot over the past few years in terms of content, design and timing; and it is not slowing down.

Bringing together Perspectives in Testing: Pair testing

Pair testing, also known as buddy testing is a latest trend in software testing. The idea is simple; it involves two supporters from different teams testing a project on the same device/computer. Typically, the pair is a tester and a developer, but the pair can also be combination of a tester, developer and an analyst.

Scriptless - Test Automation

IT testing is known for the exhaustive number of test cases and manual toil - but is no longer a pain after “automation” in IT came as an angel in disguise. Execution times reduced there by increasing efficiency. First generation test automation tools provided macro recording facility which ran on synchronous API where the test execution engine fires a command and then waits for it to be executed. This tool was working well for short length automation and was also done by combining a logical sequence of such short length macros & the test flow.

Application testing trends 2016 - An Overview

As per the predictions of the Nelson Hall research group, the market size for overall software testing is expected to rise to around $34 billion by 2017. In the worldwide software and product development, overall quality is becoming better and better as application testing as a discipline is evolving. Agile techniques and practices are gradually being adopted, and software testing is more widely used. In fact, there has been an upward spiral in the number of companies adopting a fully operational Test Centre of Excellence with growing testing budgets.


Solutions Delivered

Developed and enhanced over 2,000 websites across domains

Designed and developed an official website for the mayor of a major city in the USA

Supported enterprise-level Lab Management System for a Fortune 500 Healthcare major

Established a Loan Processing System for a major bank

Developed a Real Time Trading Platform for a trading company

Provided Data Feed management services to a major Hedge fund firm with 24/7 support

Provided Application Deployment and monitoring support to a major Telecom company

Profitably implementing ITSM for a global Language Interpretation company

For the study of patients discharged from hospitals, designed HIPAA compliant Enterprise App & its Mobile version

Use of our IVR system to service high call volumes for an Airlines company, reduced cost and improved the traveler's experience

For a service center - Integrated voice authentication service with Genesys Agent Desktop

Built a test automation tool called “SWIFTest” for Functional Automation Testing

Working on a test framework for Functional Automation Testing

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