DECEMBER 19, 2014

If you take a look at last year’s contact center/call center trends, you’ll invariably find mentions of ‘The Cloud”, “Big Data” and “Social Media”. We have analyzed various reports and summarized the trends for 2015.

Gamification, Omnichannel, WebRTC and Workflow Optimization are some of the buzzwords that you will be hearing over the next several months. However those technologies and strategies are likely to see real adoption in by contact centers.

Some of the trends that will be impacting contact center industry in 2015:

1.Cutting down time taken to Identification and Verification Process- Latest smart mobile devices from vendors such as Apple and Samsung already featuring powerful fingerprint recognition technology, the impact of biometrics technology is already available to millions of customers worldwide. Smartphone’s voiceprint or fingerprint can be used to manage the end-to-end Identification and Verification process right through to core contact center and CRM applications.

2. Multichannel Interaction-Multichannel interaction has been ongoing in the contact center industry for some time now, particularly in response to the rise of social media and consumer mobility. The shift this year, would be in precisely understanding where various channels fit in the larger scheme of the customer journey.

3. “Big Data” has been a hot topic in the contact center software industry. The amount of metrics, key performance indicators (KPI), and other measurements are tracked in the contact center, can be overwhelming. This information will be used to identify and promote right behavior.

4. Gamification is likely to play a larger role. These solutions build excitement, create competition, and provide instant feedback, keeping employees moving and “leveling up” so that their constantly improving.

5.Rise in Virtual Agents: Businesses are expected to utilize virtual agents in some capacity by 2015.

6. WebRTC has the potential to offer a faster, more seamless experience that encompasses both the Web and telephone. Customers browsing the Web site need not log off and pick up the telephone to start a customer transaction from scratch, but can instead launch a phone or video session right from where he or she is on the Web.

7. Personalization of Interactions: According to Salesforce and Forrester Research group, “Personalizing Customer Service Interactions” is among the top key trends facing customer service organizations today. Catering each interaction to a customers’ unique communication preference, history, needs, and expectations will be a driving trend in 2015 and an opportunity for competitive differentiation amongst businesses.

8. Cloud Infrastructure: According to DMG Consulting, cloud-based infrastructure is the fastest growing area for the call center industry, predicted to almost double between 2013 and 2015. When compared to premise-based solutions, contact centers based in the cloud have experienced 27% reduction in annual contact center costs and a 35% improvement in uptime.


Solutions Delivered

Developed and enhanced over 2,000 websites across domains

Designed and developed an official website for the mayor of a major city in the USA

Supported enterprise-level Lab Management System for a Fortune 500 Healthcare major

Established a Loan Processing System for a major bank

Developed a Real Time Trading Platform for a trading company

Provided Data Feed management services to a major Hedge fund firm with 24/7 support

Provided Application Deployment and monitoring support to a major Telecom company

Profitably implementing ITSM for a global Language Interpretation company

For the study of patients discharged from hospitals, designed HIPAA compliant Enterprise App & its Mobile version

Use of our IVR system to service high call volumes for an Airlines company, reduced cost and improved the traveler's experience

For a service center - Integrated voice authentication service with Genesys Agent Desktop

Built a test automation tool called “SWIFTest” for Functional Automation Testing

Working on a test framework for Functional Automation Testing

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