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The Dummies Guide to Social Media


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FEBRUARY 27, 2015

Remember the scene where Professor Charles Xavier locks himself up in a room, wears a helmet and then connects to a world beyond his reach? In that world he voices his thoughts that travel far and wide to gather a crowd of audience. Social media! Considering the fact that it gives your ideas and eloquences a reach that was not previously possible in real time is similar to what Charles Xavier uses in X-men. It has now become an essential two way media that shifts the paradigm where human and business interactions takes place.
What is Social Media?
Social media has now become synonymous with the word internet itself, for many the first entry into this digital realm is invariably through social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc. The advent of Web 2.0 opened up the internet world to an interactive hub, where discussions and interactions manifests first online rather than in the real world. Let’s be clear about the fact that Social Media is not just social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn; they are platforms for engagement and thus explains the reason why it apparently becomes social media itself. Social media is simply the content that you upload, it could be blogs, eBooks, podcast, newsletter, video or audio. There were many who has sowed the seeds in Social media some have withered yet some remain stronger after a decade of existence. The one thing that we can be sure of with almost 74% of internet users is that social media is going to be a staple be it for business or personal communication.
Social media Sites
There are many social media sites in existence today and you might even be a part of one or more of these; it could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, vimeo or Youtube all of these give a certain way of engagement with the audience.
Facebook: Perhaps the most used social networking site of all with a whopping 1.32 billion monthly active users. The users create their profiles and network with people. It is an essential network that lets us choose what interests us, post details about our life with discretion and also to engage in discussions. Many apps have been developed around this website.
Twitter: This networking site is about micro blogging. If an audience is to be engaged, care has to be taken to make the most of the 140 words providing an interesting outlook. The 140 word limit blog is called a tweet in this network. It has gathered great response with its short and effective style in this attention deficit world.
YouTube: Essentially a free video sharing website. It enables us to upload, view and share videos. Discussions and followers can help in understanding the pulse of the people watching it, which can give us an idea of the people watching it.

LinkedIn: Much similar to Facebook but with more focus towards your business. It is an enormous database of professionals from around the world. Up-to-date views on industry trends and job prospects can be found. Acquiring and sharing expertise enables us to satiate ourselves with a stream of knowledge.
Engage with your Social Media
Social media is your push strategy. Make sure that the contents that you post should be a way that opens up a dialogue and get people to network rather than just being passive about it. Once the effective push is given, the contents should facilitate effective engagement and interactions. Find the correct social medium engage with the audience on a regular basis to keep them interested. Let the posts be more about giving rather than taking, bridge the gap with the products you have to offer. Social media is definitely a very essential tool to generate interest and to pull customers to your business. So integrate your social presence by social media and enhance them by social networking.

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