Botomation is the application of technology that enables organizations to implement service desks with the capability to capture and interpret service requests from its employees or customers which are frequent and yet requires authentication, approvals, processing of transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems with the help of custom-built software components and scripts.

Similar to robots used in the manufacturing sector to improve the quality and increased production, Botomation uses intelligence automation, in various enterprise business processes such as IT and customer support services. Botomation substantially reduces the time taken to service requests resulting in increased productivity.

Botomation can leverage Artificial intelligence and once it is trained to interpret actions pertaining to business processes, it can execute, trigger events, self- learn, self-correct, and initiate new actions and communicate seamlessly with other enterprise-wide systems.

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AI and intelligent automation technologies that empower organizations to transform customer service.


Enterprise Bot Development

Botomation provides chatbot development services that are robust to engage large number of customers in the most efficient, reliable and quicker way. Chatbots can help businesses save on customer service costs by answering up to 80% of routine questions.

Enterprise Process Automation

RPA is strong candidate for digital enterprise after a decade of being in the hype cycle. RPA is consistently driving operational efficiency and productivity in both cross functional and deep domain processes. Explore new RPA opportunities fueled by of AI & ML.

Contact Center Modernization

Contact center modernization solution will transform your contact center to a customer experience center of excellence. You could get rid of menu based IVR and create personalized experience, serve exactly what customer requires with NLU capabilities, prescribe best actions for agents, across all customer interactions — Voice, Chat, SMS, agent-assisted and automated self-service.

Knowledge Monetization

Knowledge is power. Empower you employees, agents, and customer with appropriate information using predict & prescribe capabilities accelerated by cognitive services and analytics where appropriate. The secret blend of knowledge & technology can bring exciting experiences.

Botomated Service Desk

Sensiple has proven track record in delivering customer experience solutions. Our experience with implementation and customization of Genesys, Avaya and similar products comes very handy. We could operate your service desk very efficiently and optimize cost of operations YoY. We have deep insights on process analytics and AI solutions to elevate customer or employee experiences.

Sambhaz Service Desk

Sambhaz Service desk is a managed service from Botomation providing multichannel customer experience solution. It provides immediate benefits by reducing MTTR (Respond). Tryvium Service desk utilizes best in class cognitive capabilities to reduce average time in queue, reduce abandonment, reduce handling time, increase FCR and more.

Botomation Consulting

Botomation seeks to steer aspiring organizations toward suitable digital transformations for premium customer experience delivery. Our experts will help you make informed decisions for the transformation. Sensiple engineered unique RoI Matrix & assessment framework will help you see through the opportunities for automations involving RPA, Cognitive skills and Analytics focused on customer experience.

Predict & Prescribe

Predict & prescribe is a cognitive capability built by Botomation using data science and machine learning capabilities in context with specific processes to derive business intelligence in real-time or near real-time. Focused primarily on Customer, Employee, and agent Experiences.

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