Predict ETA, Appropriate clothing based on local weather conditions and travel destinations are day to day uses of predictive analytics. Intelligence built on top of predictive analytics can manage sentiment analysis and cognitive capabilities better to improve the efficiency of CX over chat channel. A lot of these things can improve customer experiences and build loyalty.

Prescribing suitable short messages, choice of words, best travel insurances, nearest available doctors & services based on personal choices. A lot can be done with public data, service consumption pattern and personal choices. Insurance companies with health data are able to provide better policies because they predict health & driving risks.

Enterprise clients, B2B business models could also maximize business potentials with these solutions. The tech can be extrapolated and intensified to provide premium employee experiences also.

In order to efficiently design and implement these cognitive solutions Botomation team will perform UX/CX Analytics. UX/CX analytics will involve a review of customer service KPIs and CX SLA’s or OLA’s. We will also extensively review the CX Journeys to determine use cases for implementing cognitive skills.

We will take a deep dive on your CRM, Sales, Marketing and Services data to drive many conclusive insights and follow on actions to build the best “Predict & Prescribe” services for your employees or customers.

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