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Regulatory initiatives are rapidly impacting the capital market industry and the way of doing business. Buy-side institutions face cost and complexity issues around managing accounting standards, integrating tool, Stock Exchanges, ECNs, ATS, Dark pools, DMAs, and FIX networks. Sensiple addresses these problems by offering a customized capital market solution to the buy-side firms.

Who we serve:Member Firms, Investors, Hedge Funds, Brokers, Custodians, Agents, Banks, and Regulators.

Our solutions and services support the following markets:

  • Equity
  • Future and Options
  • Fixed Income (bonds, debt, repos, IRS, NDF)
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex)
  • ETF
  • Commodities
Solutions for Buy-side firms:

Development Services and functional areas: Sensiple captures all the nuances that capital market industry faces and the role these individual parts play together to make a complete solution. In the context of the advanced multi-asset capabilities, Sensiple offers an array of electronic trading features for buy-side institutions during Pre-trade, Trade, and Post-trade.

Front Office: Sensiple's complete front office solution operates in areas such as Order Management System (OMS), Smart Order Routing, Algorithmic trading, Trade Execution, Position Reporting, Reference Data Management, Quotes, Market data, Short Sale Locate, Reference Data Trade Capture & Validations, Allocation, Matching, Confirmation/Affirmation, Position Management, and Post Trade Processing. Our solution also works across various asset classes for timely decision making and regulatory compliance.

Middle office:We offer quantitatively enriched Middle Office solutions that encompass all facets of electronic and algorithmic trading to buy-side firms which include risk management, credit risk, market risk, customer risk, settlement risk, and post trade risk processing

Back Office: We cover all the aspects of asset servicing, settlement, collateral management, pricing/risk/reporting, including support for multiple asset classes

Integration Solutions:Sensiple's integration solutions have been designed and positioned to handle complex integrations between capital market systems and to deal with various protocols for buy side participant’s trading. We develop end-to-end integration functions that offer a gamut of capabilities with unparalleled performance.

Validation and Support Services:Complying with growing and changing regulations remains a significant challenge for buy-side firms. Sensiple’s validation process and domain experience ensure a certified practical solution across capital market systems and functional areas.

How are we different:
  • A broad collection of customizable, multi-asset/multi-currency trading strategies, and trading solutions
  • Efficient algorithmic trading and execution management system for multi-asset classes
  • All-inclusive, multi-asset Order Management System with integrated compliance unit, decision support, and portfolio management
  • Sensiple's advanced analytic modules for optimized trading decisions

Technology Stack

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