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The increase in trade volume, due to rapid customer growth in the capital market, demands faster transaction processing and quick decision making. Complex regulatory requirements have made the role of technology in financial markets more critical. In the current scenario, Capital market firms across sell side and buy side businesses continue to operate in a highly volatile environment that impacts the profitability of companies. This environment imposes firms to implement high level customization, complex integration between systems, high-level automation, standardized regulatory compliance solutions, new product development, and risk mitigation.

Sensiple understands these issues and offers an easily deployable platform solution that can help capital market firms to transform and run a wide variety of trading operations while satisfying their customer needs. As a result, companies can attain high governance and operations management support, ensuring quick responses to their clients in a dynamic global market.

Our expertise in Capital Market Solution includes:

  • Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office functional solutions for Buy side, Sell side and Execution Venues/Intermediaries
  • Extensive product support and domain knowledge in Equity, Futures & Options, Fix Income, Foreign Exchange, ETF, and Commodities
  • FIX Protocol products, solutions and services for Pre-trade, Trade and Post-trade scenarios
  • Our solution area covers Market data (Generation, Management, and Distribution), Order Management, Trade Management, Risk Management, Order Matching, Smart Order Routing, Program Trading and Real Time Settlement, Complex system Integrations, etc.
  • Development, Validation, Support, Infrastructure, and Cloud services for Capital Market

why sensiple ?


We have helped Customers to build complex FIX solutions, Front/Middle/Back Office Solutions, Market Data Integrations and in other Capital Market functional areas


FIX Functional experts for product building and project executions


We invest heavily in R&D for continuous improvement in products and solutions for Capital Market Domain


In-house product for OTC exchanges, Market Data/FIX/Regulatory/Back Office Integration, Settlement Systems, and Risk Management System

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