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Capital Market Infrastructure Service

Cloud-based solutions are gaining more usage in capital markets due to its unique blend of scalability, flexibility, and massive processing power. Be it real-time access to data/complex transactions management solutions, or compliance with regulatory mandates, or complex system integrations involving millions of transactions per day; firms are responsible for satisfying stakeholder needs. In such a state of uncertainty, capital market firms are now trying to adopt technology that increases their agility and reduces costs. Advanced Cloud Services offered by Sensiple, helps capital market companies adopt cloud computing across functions and various asset classes. Our cloud services will enable capital market firms to save IT budgets..

Sensiple has got experience in managing complex data center for capital market systems, with high security and complex network architectures for various capital market firms. Sensiple’s Capital Market cloud-based solutions help numerous capital market institutions in the areas of Order and Execution Management, High volume market data processing and management, Complex Transaction System Interactions, Portfolio Management, Analytics, Investment Administration and Decision support. Our experts investigate your cloud computing journey, from producing a business case to realizing substantial benefits.

How are we different:
  • Sensiple supports all your capital market cloud requirements (both public and private cloud) and provides easy migration of workloads
  • We provide a global procurement, delivery, and implementation
  • Sensiple manages and operates your private Cloud by dimension data on your behalf
  • Sensiple offers redundancy, 24x7 support, community-based self-service, and service level guarantees for availability and performance

Technology Stack

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