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Capital Market Integration Solution

A powerful and sophisticated analytics, trading and risk management, and integrated infrastructure is the key for Capital Market participants to maintaining a competitive advantage in the current scenario. In such a state of flux, technology solutions need to address issues such as environment change, cross-protocol migration, product customization & integration, new system and protocol inclusion to deliver high performance without sacrificing accuracy.

Global Banks, Trading, Financial institutions, Buy side and Sell side firms, Venues & Intermediaries, all rely on Sensiple to perform the complex integration. We have in-depth expertise in implementing various protocols between the systems such as custom exchange protocol integration and standard protocol based integration like FIX, OUCH, and CMS based integrations.

We deliver rapid deployment of a single solution for trading, analytics and risk management that seamlessly integrate with various processes and scales to support the firm’s growth. With our superior Capital Market Integration Solution, we have helped several companies to reformulate their business and place them on the same lines as the other large global trading institutions.

Front Office:Market Data Feed Integration (Exchanges, Reuters and Bloomberg) with price feed vendors, Data Distribution Integration, Reference Data Integration, Order & Trade Management integrations, bank repositories, regulatory integrations

Back Office Integrations:Front Office System Integrations, Accounting System Integrations, regulate integration, Depository integration, Reconciliation and Settlement Integration, Exchange Integration, Registry Integration, Custodian Integration

Exchange intermediaries: Vendor System Integration, Price feed Integration (Reuters and Bloomberg, Vendor Systems), Reference Data Integrations, Clear and Settlement System Integration

How are we different:
  • Sensiple’s integrated risk management framework enables firms to accurately manage and measure risk and maximize risk-adjusted returns on capital
  • With Sensiple, companies can rely on consistent valuation across front and back office environments, enabling enterprises to make better trading decisions and gain a clear competitive advantage
  • With Sensiple’s open architecture and robust interface, firms can rapidly implement and seamlessly integrate existing systems with minimal workflow interruption
  • Sensiple provides comprehensive and flexible reporting tools, analytics, and integration management for market and counterparty risk, presenting the same results to the risk function as to the front office

Technology Stack

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