An organization gets Botomated with the utilization of AI for actionable intelligence integrated with enterprise systems for workflow automation and user collaboration solutions for interaction with users.

Cloud adaptability and increased commercialization has resulted in offerings like Natural Language Processing and understanding (NLP/NLU), deep learning and machine learning models available for any enterprise to use without significant investments. All an enterprise has to do is determine the strategy to identify the sources of data that can be leveraged by the AI offerings to label and come up with insights.

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Productivity solution that maximizes human potential through automating conversation.


Reduce Mean Time to Respond with 24/7 Service Availability

Nobody likes to wait and definitely not customers. Cognitive chatbot “Nila” will reduce queue time significantly with multi-channel (web, voice, & chat) and multi-lingual abilities. Global availability, localization and personalization is key for customer experience. Also enjoy high scalability with concurrent chats.

Manage Customer Experience & Sensitivity Better

Premium customers and sensitive issues demand priority service. “Nila” sensibly acts with premium users, key services and provides high priority agent connectivity. Tryvium bots can analyze sensitive situation such as multi-client, multi service impact or a sensitive customer and triggers proactive engagement and notifications in the right order.

Productivity Improvements

Speed up service requirement confirmation with conversational intelligence & AI, integrate with enterprise systems for insights and excite with end point automations.

Chatbot creates efficiencies by streamlining the processes. The time and effort saved by “Nila” increases agent availability and productivity for priority client and services.

Improved Employee Engagement & Experience

Nila is very smart, she can manage your travel itineraries, manage skill gaps, claim expenses, do 360* feed backs with insights, she can book & cancel meetings when appropriate, She can manage your daily plan, remind deadlines t-x, and lot more.

Improve Mean Time To Resolve

Reduce cost of service delivery with efficient Auto Ticketing & Auto Resolutions. “Nila” can manage many employee services with best knowledge integrations, context analysis, intelligent workflows & automations.

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