We are the leading innovators of enterprise-grade and AI-powered chatbots. As a team of business experts, we design, create, train, test, and host NLP-based chatbots with advanced artificial intelligence to be used in consumer and business communication channels. With just a minimal time for development, we develop and deliver rich components and capabilities you may need in the chatbots. A different set of use cases will be incorporated into the bots to give you efficient and intelligent customer experience.

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Productivity solution that enhances customer experience through automating conversations.


Multi Lingual Chatbot

Nila is a global bot efficient to handle conversations in almost any language of choice in good efficiency, making Conversational AI vernacular. She could store your transcripts in the same language if required.

Multi-Channel Service Desk (Chat & Voice)

Providing unified communication 24/7 with multi-channel support including – Voice, Live chat/Instant messaging, SMS and IVR.

Visual & Conversational IVR

Give the power of a natural, intuitive self-service AI conversational IVR that customers will actually use and prefer. Reduced queue times and better customer experience.

Knowledge Base Integration

Use knowledge bases, Product FAQ & Release notes, CMDB, Yammer, government sources and social media to enable customer self-service and provide agents insights for faster resolutions.

Auto Ticketing & Auto Resolution

Provide auto ticketing and auto resolution to reduce MTTR with rich Integrations Cognitive services, End point automations, and Intelligent automations.

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