Data Warehousing

While dealing with a huge amount of data, the various big data solutions might be the masters in gathering your enterprise data. Yet, the role of a data warehouse within enterprises is irreplaceable.

Despite budget constraints, keeping your data warehouse applications geared to the current needs of the business is quite beneficial.

In order to withstand the existing competition, companies need to grow across nations. The main challenges that they face while expanding their organisation is collecting and storing all of their data in one single place. For every successful BI implementation, one has to have a strong data warehousing as their base. And in order to have a strong data warehousing, they must have all their data in a single centralised data repository.

Sensiple, with our experienced staff, can help you get most out of your data-related investments. Our services focus on producing a single central data warehouse, which provides a unique solution for all your data challenges.

Sensiple Solution

  • Data Mart: – Sensiple’s data mart solution can help organizations build various data marts oriented to particular department, work group, teams, or business lines. Our certified data warehouse specialists are capable of building a single central data warehouse from various data marts or build different data marts from the single data warehouse.
  • Data Profiling: – Our data profiling solution provides small but informative summaries of multiple data. We help in identifying the optimal use of each data, thereby improving the overall quality of the decisions made - based on information obtained from this data.
  • Data Warehousing: – Sensiple helps customers manage their data warehouse – be it a custom data warehouse, large or an ERP data warehouse. Sensiple offers the full life-cycle: from requirements to design and development activities, necessary to implement an end-to-end data warehouse.
  • Data enhancement: – Sensiple helps organizations with all aspects of data: from modelling, enhancing quality, to managing multiple data formats, including unstructured data.
  • Master Data Management: – Sensiple helps customers create a one-source-of truth system - bringing the best of features including support for global synchronization, support for data synchronization, price optimization, and so on.

Go with Sensiple

  • Deliver interactive content to anyone in the extended enterprise
  • Deliver a single version of truth
  • Consolidate data from various sources in the required quality and time
  • Focus on building reports around data - data that translates to actionable insights
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Solutions Delivered

Developed and enhanced over 2,000 websites across domains

Designed and developed an official website for the mayor of a major city in the USA

Supported enterprise-level Lab Management System for a Fortune 500 Healthcare major

Established a Loan Processing System for a major bank

Developed a Real Time Trading Platform for a trading company

Provided Data Feed management services to a major Hedge fund firm with 24/7 support

Provided Application Deployment and monitoring support to a major Telecom company

Profitably implementing ITSM for a global Language Interpretation company

For the study of patients discharged from hospitals, designed HIPAA compliant Enterprise App & its Mobile version

Use of our IVR system to service high call volumes for an Airlines company, reduced cost and improved the traveler's experience

For a service center - Integrated voice authentication service with Genesys Agent Desktop

Built a test automation tool called “SWIFTest” for Functional Automation Testing

Working on a test framework for Functional Automation Testing

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