Cloud technology, being the game-changer in the current digital ecosystem, enterprises want to leverage its power to maximize their business outcomes. Enterprises are already leveraging the power of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments and witnessing improved operational flexibility with cost benefits.

The approach towards cloud deployments (Single, multi, hybrid) varies depending on the nature of business and the goal they want to achieve. With various approaches and options of deployments (AWS, Azure, etc.), it is natural to feel overwhelmed while trying to choosing the best fit for your unique business needs – And that’s where expert help is needed.

Sensiple, with years of expertise and elite partnerships both in Azure and AWShaving, help forward-thinking enterprises to evaluate workloads, determine what gets maximum benefit from cloud migration, choose the best solution, develop a clean cloud adoption strategy, forecast RoI, and establish an IT roadmap for the entire cloud transformation journey.

How we can help?
  • Assess suitability - Select and prioritize the applications for migration depending on their intricacies and their impact on the business value, and create a roadmap for frictionless cloud adoption
  • Find out the right destination & migration plan - Discover cloud-ready applications and workloads for instantaneous deployments, select the right cloud destination (public, private, multi-cloud, hybrid), and define the right migration plan to meet objectives and enhance IT management, security, and disaster recovery
  • Forecast RoI and TCO - After deciding on the right platform migration strategy, our experts create an RoI and TCO forecast to demonstrate the impact of cloud computing in increasing RoI and decreasing the TCO over a period of time
Whatever your business needs are, when it comes to adopting cloud technology, enterprises have the following questions
Cloud Computing Platforms

Which cloud computing platforms/technologies should we invest in?

Migration Strategy

How do we define the right cloud migration strategy?

Prioritize Stages

How do we and define and prioritize stages for development/deployment?

Achieve Goals

How fast can we achieve TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) goals?


How much ROI can we expect and in how many days?

Application Changes

How do we adapt to the new application changes?

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