With containers, you can accelerate application deliveries with high reliability, consistency, efficiency, and minimum resources, all irrespective of your deployment environment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if one could pack the application, with all its dependencies, into a dedicated box and run it anywhere? No matter what software dependencies the host system has installed, or where and what the host system is?

This is where the power of containerization is realized!

We help enterprises create and deliver the application in individual containers that have all the required dependencies pre-installed, put your application code inside of it, and run it everywhere the container runtime is installed.

Why Container Management from Sensiple?

Containers need to be managed constantly because a vast number of them can become too complex for an IT team to handle.

Our Container management services provides automation that enables application developers to stay on top of rapid changes. The automatic deployment of container-based applications to operating systems and the public cloud requires management because orchestration platforms like Kubernetes can be complex – We help you do it seamlessly.

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