In traditional monolithic architectures, all the source codes and facets are managed as a single unit. In this practice, any updates to code base alters the whole stack. When enterprises with traidional IT setups want to scale up, the complexity grows rapidly, prolonging the time required for new developments and deployments.

With Microservices, enterprises can modernize their legacy IT systems with independent, secure, and agile bits of services.

We at Sensiple help enterprises eliminate downtime during updates, upgrades, and repairs by creating Microservices backed by renowned cloud services providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Our elite partnership with both AWS and Azure combined with our agile and DevOps practices, we help organizations to leverage state-of-the-art cloud tools and technologies.

Sensiple’s comprehensive Microservices development services
  • Assessment - Complete assessment of your current IT environment and create a strategic roadmap for a clean adoption of microservices
  • Migration - Well thought migration plans to move apps from legacy systems to a microservices-based architecture
  • Integration - Effectively build and manage microservices through API integrations, making legacy apps and application databases highly flexible and agile to changes
  • Testing - Stringent microservices testing to validate the workflow of the enterprise processes with external services and integrations
  • Maintenance - Proactive maintenance and support services for an enhanced quality of microservices app development with constant reduction in the number of faults
Benefits of Microservices for your enterprise
Unmatched Scalability

Unmatched scalability and business agility

Enhanced Defect

Enhanced defect isolation

Improved Scaling

Improved scaling decisions


Maintenance and debugging simplified

Uniform Distribution

Uniform distribution of resources

Development Teams

Smaller and more agile development teams

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) models

Supports Multiple Tools

Supports multiple tools & technologies

Be it AWS or Azure, the end goal of Microservices is to create an automated, low-maintenance platform that allows quick spin-up and spin-down of lightweight service instances. We at Sensiple evaluate your specific business needs and choose the best platform(s) that gets in line with requirements of your business in terms of performance, administration, and accessibility.

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