In today’s competitive world, you need to provide the best possible customer service to create a positive customer experience that supports your brand promise and optimizes your success. Contact Center technologies and applications are many, complex, and constantly evolving. With more than 200+ projects delivered across the globe, Sensiple’ s knowledge in voice platforms are unparalleled. Our IVR Testing heritage stretches back over 20+ years through a well-articulated Consultative and Solution based approach.

Why Validate?

Multiple technologies, systems, and applications running on disparate platforms introduce numerous, potential points of failure which can negatively impact operations, customer service, and your bottom line. Delivering a great customer experience requires that you completely test and retest your entire platform. A proven, best contact center testing practice is to test your contact center infrastructure, technologies, and applications integrated with your contact center, such as customer information systems or CRM, any time you introduce change into your environment.

VRU Testing
Voice Response Units (VRU):
  • Provide customer self service functions via phone contact
  • Initial Contact point for all customer calls
  • Menu Driven
  • Can process digits very easily, letters are an issue
  • Traditional systems are proprietary, using specific vendor hardware and software
What we Validate?
  • Call Flow
  • Prompt Verbiage
  • Data
  • DNIS
  • Alarms
  • Error / Time-Outs
CTI Testing

Computer Telephone Integration or CTI is a commonly used name for any technology which allows human interaction with a telephone to be controlled, directed or enhanced by computer applications.

In call centers, CTI is used for nearly every phase of the end to end call flow.

What we Validate?
  • Agent Status
  • Receiving Call
  • Call Transfer
  • Skill-Based Routing
  • Screen Pops
Call Routing Testing

Call routing is a call management procedure wherein a call is sent to a specific queue after being qualified by the telephony system. Any number of reasons can cause a call to be routed to a queue: call volume, time of day, language preference of the caller, or specific department requested, among others

What we Validate?
  • Within VRU
  • VRU to VRU
  • VRU to Agent
  • Agent to Agent
  • Agent to VRU
Dialer Testing

The dialer allows the administrator to control and manage the business, optimize it to maximum calling performance, maximum agent performance, be able to monitor both real-time and historic data for agent, control type of campaign, i.e. predictive, preview, blaster, etc, speed and flow of volumes, dynamic inbound controls, agent and management control and security systems, active alert and alarms, real-time and e-mail performance alerts systems, just to name a few.

What we Validate?
  • Dialing Strategy
  • Outbound Dialing
  • Agent Assignment
  • Account Control
  • Agent Interface
Testing Reports & Dashboard

Any contact center web portal that provides a variety of applications, reports, dashboards, real-time data, and other content management services to users across the corporation.

  • Applications used to track customer compliments and complaints
  • Account Tracing
  • ACD – Agent Performance
  • IVR Reports

On an average, every month the portal may provide about 1.5 to 2 Million Reports.

What we Validate?
  • Agent Performance and IVR Reports
  • Sales Statistics
  • Snapshots
  • Tools (Team Maintenance and User Maintenance)
Performance Monitoring Testing

NICE Perform is a product from the company NICE systems, primarily used for recording voice and screen interaction of the agents at call centers. It also provides a web interface for the managers and administrators to perform various tasks including playback of agents’ calls and their evaluation, administrative tasks etc.

What we Validate?
  • Recording and Playback of Agents' Calls
  • Agent Evaluation
  • Real Time Monitoring of Agent's call
  • Report Generation
  • Channel Monitoring
  • My Universe
Stress Testing

Customer expectations are changing all the time and Contact Center is the delivery mechanism to meet those expectations and provide satisfaction to the customers. CX (Customer Experience) failures often happen when a customer cross channels. The general assumption of a customer is that a company must have a flawless Contact Center which interacts with them in the most brilliant way possible solving all their queries. The tolerance a customer has for a Contact Center is extremely low hence you have to deliver him/her your best in the first attempt.

The most challenging task is to drive and ensure that Customer Experience is balanced across the entire Omni channel journeys of a customer. The journeys are pre-designed which involves complex methods, technologies, and infrastructure. The CX must be tested against some standards to ensure the journeys are correctly designed.

The goal of Stress testing is measuring the customer journeys for its robustness and error handling capabilities under extremely heavy load conditions and ensuring that the platform doesn't crash under crunch situations. It even tests beyond normal operating points and evaluates how software works under extreme conditions.

What we Validate?

Measuring Scalability & Performance

  • Calls per Second
  • Throughput
  • Rounds

Application Response

  • Hit time
  • Time to the first byte
  • Call / Page Time


  • Failed Connections
  • Failed Rounds
  • Failed Hits
Test Automation

IVR development teams are under tremendous pressure to add new functionality and improve the Customer Experience. Agile and DevOps processes have accelerated development but the reality is that IVR testing gets deprioritized. Testing dates get pushed out but final “go live” dates do not, reducing the time to test and increasing the risk of defects slipping into production. Customer Experience is only as good as what can be tested. Given limited time and call tester resources, an automated IVR testing is mandatory.

What we Automate?
  • Update test cases when IVR design changes are made
  • Automate functional and regression testing
  • Automate Performance Testing
  • Automate Security and Interoperability Testing

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