Our CoE leverages Selenium as a tool of choice for automating web application testing, performing functional regression automation, and developing & maintaining automated test suites. We have developed a custom test automation framework using Selenium for cross-platform application testing of the web and mobile applications. With Selenium WebDriver as the engine, we have implemented custom solutions to function with various lifecycle tools, ensuring seamless integration.

Our Selenium test automation experts contribute regularly to the growing Selenium open-source test automation community. We are proven thought leaders in providing strategic consulting services to clients in implementing test automation using Selenium.

Our core service offerings for organizations planning to implement Selenium Test Automation includes:

  • Test Automation Assessment & ROI Analysis
  • Framework Development, Customization, Integration, Review, & Analysis
  • Automated Test Suite Development & Maintenance
Methodology and Framework:

Sensiple utilizes proprietary test techniques to identify automatable test suite from manual test cases. Sensiple test automation methodology is well accustomed to Agile environments ensuring consistent ROI during the entire agile life cycle.

Sensiple test automation specialists focus on long-term utilization of the suites while implementing automated test suites. Our agile-based test automation activities comprise:

  • Lean and Small tests to lower the maintenance
  • Loose coupling of tests & data
  • Continuous reviews to make sure the test suites are “green” and reduce the test failure analysis and maintenance time
  • Analyzing opportunities for in-sprint and delayed automation
  • Supporting multiple regression tests during each iteration
  • Maintenance of an automation backlog
  • Prioritize candidate test cases

Test Automation Framework

Key Features:
  • Faster time to market and increased ROI: Leveraging a pre-built framework, thus reducing initial investment and advancing the realization of returns. It provides a definitive competitive advantage and helps to route the cost savings to other IT and business initiatives
  • Pre-built function libraries: They enable the generation of automated scripts after documenting the logical flow of test cases, thus reducing the cost of developing an automation test suite by up to 30%
  • Reusable business components: Reuse of application objects and test steps, enables higher re-usability and reduced effort during maintenance, thus saving time, money, and effort needed for testing
  • End-to-End automation framework: Scalable and extensible automation framework covering web application technology and ensures lower cost of investment and faster ROI as the framework is well defined, robust, easy to use, and scalable
  • Automation methodology: Development cost is reduced by enabling business users and manual testers to develop automated test scripts
Customer Benefits:
  • Save time by starting the cycle early. This enables business testers and automation experts to work in parallel
  • Break-even point of investment can be achieved in 3-4 test cycles and a 20-25% reduction in overall automation effort
  • Provides high flexibility in maintaining scripts
  • Automated regression test execution is 54% faster than the manual testing process, thereby improving time to market and results in higher confidence in deliverables
  • Standardize automation process for test suite creation, maintenance and estimation tasks based on generic framework approach

Test Automation Customer Benefits

Our Key Differentiators:
  • Our automation center of excellence helps clients jumpstart their automation efforts and implement a proven platform to increase longevity and reduce maintenance
  • We have a dedicated team of 50+ Selenium test automation experts
  • Mature & proven test automation framework refined over 4 years and many successful engagements
  • Enterprise quality framework built with on-the-ground experience
  • Extensive pre-built functions and libraries for common automation functions
  • Reduced cost of implementation with pre-built platform integrations
  • Intuitive reporting for ease of test reporting

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