Testing is an integral part of the software development that verifies and validates the software to promote the quality of the software detecting errors and identifying the correctness to check whether the software works as expected, thus revealing the software capabilities and providing confidence to quality.

Testing is all work intended to appraise and measure the extent to which business solutions perform as intended. This includes inspections, reviews, and walk-throughs, test development, maintenance, execution, and reporting. All new or changed business applications will be tested before use. The level of testing to be performed for a given system will be documented in the Test Strategy and individual phase Test Plans. Only systems that meet their acceptance criteria will be used in the conduct of customer business unless, in exceptional circumstances, a business decision is made with knowledge of the risks involved.

Our Testing approach is always risk-driven and risk-based to enable projects to make the best use of the timescales and resources available, to reduce the risk of failure. Our testing CoE with 100% certified resources will ensure that the overall capability to perform testing is sufficient to meet current and future requirements.

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