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Domain Validation

Never has there been a more challenging time for Capital Market professionals in the Testing Arena. Capital Market institutions today opt for robust testing services and solutions to derive the benefit of cost-effective, front-to-back office processing, faster time-to-market for new asset classes, and quicker time-to-productivity for new processes and functions. As capital markets institutions seek to validate systems in the front, middle, and back-office environment, with an integrated platform, Sensiple emerges as an attractive choice. Sensiple's Domain Validation services help firms to minimize the faults in production, optimize the cost of quality and reduce the test cycle time for rolling out changes and upgrades.

We offer our Independent Validation Testing Services around the areas of Specialised domain Testing, FIX Integration Testing, Exchange Integration Testing, FIX Domain Testing, Tool based testing, and FIX Performance Testing, to enable complete independent verification and validation of your implementations. We assist you in attaining your business objective regarding rolling out an integrated, scalable trading platform. We have a forward-thinking Capital Market team with roots in testing and simulation and deliver a leading-edge testing solution for capital market firms. To safeguard your integrity, reliability, and resiliency of your critical systems, we implement sound testing practices in capital market domains.

How are we different:
  • Enhanced quality through rigorous testing, conducted by area and assurance experts
  • Abbreviated test cycles, leveraging test automation leading to reduced time to market
  • Reduced cost of rework, owing to early discovery of defects, enabled via Sensiple’s validation tools
  • Effort and cost savings by leveraging ready-to-use, reusable test assets, and accelerators, thereby enhancing business assurance and minimizing the risks

Technology Stack

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