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Enterprise Integration

Over time, large companies have increased in intricacy, often resulting in rigid and fragile systems. To further complicate the situation, legacy applications make system interconnectivity across your business problematic. To preserve business agility in a world of mobile, API, and SaaS, and with data residing in multiple systems (e.g. legacy, new, cloud, etc.), enterprise integration is critical. Enterprise integration increases efficiency and enables better decision making by offering precise information at the right time.

Eliminating complex point-to-point integration allows businesses to stay in touch, and be innovative and competitive. Moreover, enterprise integration gives you the power to make better decisions. Having real-time, up-to-date information will grant you access to make well-informed and insightful decisions about your business. All you need is impeccable data from all your systems, services, and applications, that is available around the clock.

This is where Sensiple’s Enterprise Integration services come in!

How are we different:
  • System interrelationship: Connect people, processes, systems, and technologies within your company's ecosystem
  • Improved efficiency throughout the enterprise: Enable communication across different systems and authorize people access to the information they need, anytime
  • The right information when needed: Deliver exact data regardless of what system you are deploying
  • Real-time updates: Make sure that you are always up to date on your business requisites with real-time updates
  • Coordinate administrative processes: Automate business processes, further refining productivity across your company
Advanced framework services

Our application integration roadmap will present a framework for integrating your enterprise applications that need to be renewed, re-coded, retired, replaced, re-platformed, reengineered, re-architected, and consolidated into a single, 360-degree view for your analysis.

Application Consolidation

By reducing the number of your applications, we make them efficient, responsive, robust, and cost-effective. This way, we also streamline your business process making it more efficient.

Third-Party / SOA based data integration

We could integrate your applications with your third party vendors or help you manage your customers by integrating with their systems. Through this enterprise management, your applications can communicate actively and seamlessly, resulting in an integrated enterprise.

Technology Stack

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