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Enterprise Mobility Services

With enterprises craving for simplicity, along with the opportunity to work from anywhere, and have data available anytime, mobile applications are the solution for them. Whether creating a new application or integrating the existing application to your website, Sensiple, through its Mobility Services, can deploy a robust solution that would be compatible with existing as well as future platforms.

Our Services
Mobile application development

Developing applications that can help increase your business efficiency and productivity, with your employees having the capability to work from anywhere, anytime.

Native application development – Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry

Hybrid application development – web-based applications accessible across multiple platforms

Mobile application management

Building apps, making sure they are available to the right person at the right time, and with your app store.

Mobile catalog – Have mobile apps ready to download for all your employees

Maintenance – Continuous updates and maintenance of your app store

Integration Service

Integrating with your existing applications and delivering back-end data and functionality to mobile apps.

Enterprise mobility management

Monitoring and supporting you from a single console.

BYOD (Bring your Own Device) – Provide secure access for employee-owned devices to improve productivity. Work from anywhere, anytime.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) – Provide security clearance based on designation and implement IT policies using a single dashboard

Mobility management – Have control over all mobiles, tablets, laptops, and peripherals from a single console including remote troubleshooting

How are we different:
  • Architecture Guidance - Support from Sensiple's Enterprise Architecture Group for architecture design and review of Mobile development projects
  • Workbench Tools – Developer Workbench with Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio and Eclipse IDE to produce quality code, enhance productivity and Tester Workbench for test management and automation
  • Agile Development - Experience in delivering projects using Sensiple's Agile Development Framework for large Mobility development engagements. Organization-wide emphasis on advancing Agile practices in customer projects to provide more value
  • System Integration – Focus on leveraging proven open source EAI products for building low cost, robust integrated solutions
  • Leveraging Cloud – Experience in platform and application migration to the cloud; Adopting Cloud and virtualization for reducing the time for acquiring infrastructure resources and optimizing operational costs leveraging Mobile Private Cloud as well as Amazon AWS
  • Big data – Experience with open source tools such as Hadoop, Hive, HBase and Solr for massive data processing
Our Mobility Framework

Business Stand Points

Efficiency – Looking for mobile services that will improve efficiency of your business process?

Solution - Applications, on the whole, will improve the efficiency of your business process. The only problem is that they cannot be accessed from anywhere. You need to come to your workstation to operate them. The time wasted here can be saved using mobile apps which will be available to your employees from your personal app store. Moreover, your productivity can also be improved.

Accessibility – In search of applications that are available across a multitude of devices?

Solution - Mobile apps built for native devices like Android or iOs cannot be used for devices with Windows. Similarly, the app needs to be calibrated for different devices. We, at Sensiple, create hybrid apps that you could use across multiple platforms and devices. These apps help organizations cut costs, by letting the employees bring their own devices

Management – Not quite able to manage all your mobile devices?

Solution - By letting employees bring their own devices, you could save a lot of money. Even if the company would provide employees with tools, the one area organizations are worried about, is security. Managing and monitoring all your mobile devices along with providing access based on job title is tough. We, at Sensiple, provide Mobile Data Management solutions that help you manage all your devices from a single console.

Integration – Seeking the right way to integrate your existing applications with your mobile device?

Solution - Many organizations feel that they don’t need mobile apps for their current strategy. They might not even have the budget to implement it. Sensiple helps with integration of your existing apps such as CRM, Salesforce, Ticketing system, etc. with mobile devices.

Technology Stack

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