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FIX Protocol

Between system upgrades, maintenance, and new customizations, monitoring and managing the trading applications environment is never easy. The key to succeeding in today’s capital market environment is increasing the reliability and performance of the underlying software modules and delivering accurate data between networks.

Sensiple provides excellent FIX Protocol and electronic trading technology solutions and services for leading global financial institutions across multiple asset classes. Financial markets all over the world are trying to converge onto FIX standards for their connectivity, data delivery, and trading.

Sensiple has strong hands of experience in developing and consulting FIX solutions. We have developed robust FIX solutions for multiple products, various type of firms, and multiple markets. Our FIX solutions help various market participants to achieve high-performance FIX integration between their systems, which improves their overall business performance, reduces transaction costs, scalability and manageability.

FIX Solutions

FIX Pre Trade

  • Market Data Management: Market data snapshot, Market Data Incremental
  • Indication of Interest
  • Quote and Negotiations: RFQ, Quote Creation, and Management, RFQ Session Management
  • Security Status and Definitions: Security Meta Data, Security Status, Security Status Updates, Security Definitions
  • Algorithmic Trading Session Status and Definition: Trading Session Metadata, Trading Session Status, Trading Session Status Updates, Session Definitions

FIX Trade

  • Order Management System: New order, Cancel replace, Cancel, Order status, transaction history, Mass Order Cancel and Management
  • Cross Orders: Cross Order Management
  • Execution Management: Trade Management and Updates
  • Mass Order Management: Mass Order
  • Program Trading
  • Multi-Leg Orders

FIX Post Trade

  • Allocation: Account Management, Allocation Management
  • Collateral Management
  • Position Maintenance: Real Time Position Updates, Position Reconciliations
  • Registration Instruction
  • Settlement Instruction: Settlement Management, Allocations
  • Regulatory Reports: Order Reports, Trade Reports, Position Reports, Account Reports, Connection Reports
How are we different:
  • We create custom trading software, products, capital market tools and solutions for financial technology firms, liquidation sources, market makers, retail brokers exchanges and individual traders
  • FIX engines, FIX servers, FIX exchange Trading solutions, Application development for dealing centers, automated trading systems, FIX transaction monitoring and support
  • We create highly reliable and scalable FIX solutions and tools that are essential to maintain algorithmic trading operations 24/7 around the globe

Technology Stack

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