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Functional Solution

Staying ahead of the business curve in Capital Market industry requires firms to sustain incredible agility. Sensiple helps you in maintaining that agility. Whether you are focused on reducing portfolio costs, managing risk and compliance, or optimizing execution, Sensiple provides you with out-of-the-box practical solutions that can meet your client’s critical business needs across the entire trading workflow. We offer functional solutions for:

Front Office Solutions
  • Pre-Trade: Market data, Quotes, Reference Data, IOIs, Trade adverts, Short Sale Locate
  • Trade: Order Routing, Trade Execution Management, Trade Position Reporting, Reference data
Middle Office Solutions
  • Trade:Risk management, product risk, credit risk, market risk, client risk
  • Post-Trade: Trade execution. Client risk, settlement risk, OTC risk
Back Office Solutions
  • Asset Servicing:Issuance, Corporate Actions, Securities Lending
  • Collateral Management: Initial Margining, Margin Call, Substitution, Recall, Transfer, Interest Payment
  • Settlement: Pre-advisement, Settlement, Transaction Management, Settlement Notification, Fail and Claim Management
  • Pricing / Risk / Reporting: Risk Management, Pricing & Valuation, Reporting, Position Management, Tax Management, Income Collection
Regulatory Solutions
  • Investor Regulatory Reporting: Short Sale Reporting, Trade Surveillance Reporting, Position Management Reporting, Tax Lot Reporting
  • Institution Regulatory Reporting: Transaction Reporting, Client Reporting, Position Reporting, Short Interest Reporting, Financial Statement Reporting, Investment Reporting
How are we different:
  • A Great Combination of Customizable, Multi-Asset/Multi-Currency Trading Strategies, and trading solutions
  • Efficient Algorithmic Trading and Execution Management System for multi-asset classes
  • Complete, Multi-Asset Order Management System with Integrated Compliance Unit, Decision Support, and Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Sensiple Analytic Modules for an optimized Trading Decisions

Technology Stack

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