Sensiple helps Genesys customers or partners with our certified resources for their short and long term project needs.
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Genesys services

Genesys turns out to be a panacea of all customer experience worries if managed in an efficient way.

Genesys and Sensiple are two inseparable entities and continue to be the client’s top of the mind recall when it comes to customer experience handling. Sensiple, being a global pioneer in customer experience industry, has always been constructive in helping its clients achieve their targets in capital intensive Genesys projects through its continuous support right from the start to the end.

You could attribute Sensiple’s reason for success to its unique style of working; it adapts to different clients and the efforts it puts into understanding the customers' underlying needs.

Our Services

IVR provisioning and application development

Sensiple through its domain exposure suggests the right mix of self-service applications to enhance customer experience. Sensiple’s knowledge in IVR platforms and call flow designing helps it in the process.

Enabling complex routing solutions

We ensure that we address your Customers’ issues by the agent with the right skill set through proper routing solutions thereby achieving higher first call resolution rates and convincing customer experience.

Workspace desktop customization

Equip the agent window with sufficient information so that it boosts the agent confidence in addressing the customer issues and naturally adding to the agent productivity.

GVP installation, configuration, and migration

Install and manage GVP in an unrealistic cost compared to the market standards and configure them according to the business needs also assist in the migratory services. Sensiple adopts a phased transition approach to ensure zero downtime during the transition.

CTI implementation with backend applications

Integrate Genesys with backend applications to get the maximum benefit and leverage your investment in the existing systems thus helping to populate the agent window with right details to have informed communication with the customers to enhance their customer experience.

Few of our integrations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Genesys CTI for Microsoft Dynamics USD
  • Genesys CTI for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Genesys CTI for ServiceNow
Application and platform managed services

Sensiple through its talented pool of certified Genesys resources can provide 24/7 support and maintain the application and platform services on your behalf at a convincing cost and enhanced quality.

Our services include:

  • Platform services - PBX integrations, cloud transition, etc.
  • Development services - bug fixing, custom IVR development, custom reporting, enhancement support and application maintenance, etc.
  • Support services - automated application monitoring, routine database maintenance and application health checks, outage prevention support, remote diagnostics, etc.
  • Clients can also make use of Sensiple’s chat channel support to stay updated with the proceedings
Testing services

Sensiple provides intensive testing services for its in-house developed applications as well as for other third party developed applications helping to locate and fix issues at the earliest thereby ensuring the maximum uptime of the project.

How are we different

  • We have a diversified pool of trained, experienced, qualified, and certified resources (GCP, GCD, GCS certified) to choose and handle your Genesys project
  • We possess 15+ years of expertise in the customer experience arena and in-depth understanding of 14+ domains
  • We work as a business partner providing prolonged 24/7 support
  • We ensure the quickest ROI, and our business model is quite flexible

Business Stand Points

Genesys Support Resources: Do you have the niche skilled Genesys resource for your immediate business challenges?

Solution - Sensiple helps Genesys customers or partners with our certified resources for their short and long term project needs.

Self-Service: Does you current customer service setup provides your customers with the right mix of self-service options?

Solution - Most of your customers would rather solve the problem themselves. Sensiple's pool of Genesys expertise can help you optimise your self-service options.

Omni-channel Communication: Are you able to reach your customer in their prefered channel of communication?

Solution - In today's senario most customers engage with companies in multi-channel and cross-channel journeys. Sensiple helps Companies to leverage and adapt Omnichannel engagement center solution to further their competative advantage.

Poor integration: Do your agents find it tricky to handle multiple siloed systems?

Solution - Contact center's today utilize mutliple siloed system for executing their day to day activities which impacts agents productivitiy. Sensiple's Genesys experts can enpower your agent to operate through a single desktop.

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