Are you trading electronically thru FIX Protocol?

FIX has become the standard electronic protocol for all the trade communications and trade executions for a better trading experience. Sensiple offers wide range of consultancy services under FIX protocol with well experienced individuals and have their own products ranging from Engine, Monitoring, testing & Onboarding tools.

Join our experts in this explanatory webinar to know more about FIX Engine and Sensiple’ s offerings on FIX Protocol.

Points that we cover in this webinar:

  • Brief on the evolution of FIX protocol and its existence
  • How it drives the regular trading process more efficiently
  • What checks needs to be made before migrating & onboarding a new FIX engine to the trading environment?
  • New additions (features) to the FIX protocol
  • Crypto trading thru FIX Protocol
  • About Sensiple’ s PhiFIX Engine & its features
  • Why Sensiple PhiFIX Engine?
  • Offerings from Sensiple on FIX Protocol
Key Takeaways

Webinar Panelists

Siva Rama Krishna Vishnubhotla
Siva Rama Krishna Vishnubhotla

Associate Director

16+ years of trading domain experienced professional with in-depth knowledge in FIX protocol with product support and implementations for trading desks globally.

Raja Sundaram Krishnamoorthy
Raja Sundaram Krishnamoorthy

Lead Consultant - Presales

10+ years of experience in articulating solutions, defining value proposition and helped organizations across the globe to transform digitally and performed the Lead Research and Market Analysis for products based on Fintech protocols.