The Importance of Trade Surveillance

Trade surveillance helps the market players to monitor the trading pattern and investigate risks in the process. Surveilling the trading activity helps the organization protect the assets and interests of the entity. A high-frequency trading infrastructure is necessary to identify the risks and enforce stringent control. The financial markets are volatile and prone to periodic changes, making trade surveillance a vital process.

PhiFIX can initiate real-time trade support for online traders. Know how?

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is the most preferred communication mode in the global capital markets, and PhiFIX makes sure that your trading infrastructure is fluent and seamless in that! With our highly scalable feature, no matter where the communication is from being the sell-side or buy-side or even implementation in the client’s environment, you will have data interoperability and insight. PhiFIX supports every FIX version from 4.0 to 5.0 SP2 and multiple gateway connectivity, such as order entry, trade management, market data, and drop copy.

Best practices for Agile FIX Connectivity

The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol has now evolved as the de facto standard in the global equity markets. Used by thousands of firms, including buy-side and sell-side companies, trading platforms, and regulators to communicate trade information, FIX has been helping companies reduce trade costs, increase efficiency and transparency.

Before establishing FIX connectivity, your organization must decide on the target counter parties and their profiles.

Implemented FIX Post trade gateway to enable post trade activities for leading US based asset management firm

Our client is a US based asset management firm. The firm's primary activity is to handle foreign exchange markets and execution via swaps, futures, options and cash instruments. Our client makes investments in both developed and emerging market countries.

A Trader’s Guide to FIX Testing Suite

The trading world today is evolving into a critical and regulation-based scenario. The regulatory authorities have prefixed stringent rules for the trading institutions to avert risks and lower operational costs. Trading operations have become quite complicated over the past decades, with the addition of multiple applications and emerging technologies into an all-inclusive trading infrastructure.

A Trader’s Practitioner list for FIX Session Testing

Implementing automated end-to-end testing can enable financial firms to overcome the overarching overhaul of existing point or legacy solutions, but deploying these complex systems LIVE can be very daunting. A step-by-step process can make this easier by breaking this into a more manageable process and this results in the benefit of having the potential to streamline operations, improve operational efficiency and add value to the system.

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