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New Product Development

Software products have become common across industries. With the advent of technology, every industry is cornered to use technology to stay ahead of the competition. It is evident that new product development is not about following a set of processes, rather it deals with experiences and expertise of individuals.

While constantly innovating new ideas in developing a product that meets the existing demand in the market, Sensiple helps reduce your investment and time-to-market. We believe in helping you create a product that meets the customer’s expectation, and is in pace with the current technologies.

Sensiple offers end to end support to ISV’s in building a robust product. With our deep consulting and technical expertise, we could be trusted with any stage of your SDLC, client specific product enhancements and any development projects that cross your way. Our services also cover the post development maintenance and support. We can be your extended development team to meet the ebbs and flows of business requirements. We shall help you focus on your core business development. We leverage the benefits of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) principle, wherein customers are not bound to wait for the new products, with our efficient product development process.

How are we different:
  • Sensiple's Product Development Partnership can help reduce development cost and assist your growth in the newer markets
  • Sensiple’s MVP approach can speed up time to market and provide software aligned with the customer's needs
  • Sensiple believes in continuous innovation, thereby supporting you as you upgrade the product which is in sync with the technology advancements

Business Stand Points

Outdated - Concerned about your product getting out-of-date  in no time?

Solution - While sustaining in the competition, product companies compel themselves to upgrade, in alignment with the technology advancements. Sensiple’s Product Development services can help you develop a product that sustains the technology advancements. We support ISVs as they build a product that is on par with the existing technology.

Time to market - Unable to deliver the product on time?

Solution - For a successful implementation, companies must develop products such that they hit the market at the right time. Sensiple helps in building an MVP, which contains the necessary features of the product and makes it available in the market. Our pre-built framework and reference methodologies contribute to developing the product in minimal time.

Cost - Over exceeding your budget due to high development cost?

Solution - Product development is an ongoing process, and the cost attached to it is highly dynamic. Sensiple leverages the MVP principle in product development, which makes it less expensive as we develop the initial product with essential features. We also help in adding product features based on the customer feedback thereby eliminating the risk of product failures due to incorrect assumptions.

Customer Engagement - Unable to tap into the complete customer base for the developed product?

Solution - It is important to explore the entire market, to sell the product to the maximum, and equally important to keep the existing customers engaged. Sensiple offers augmenting product with services which helps in maximizing the customer satisfaction and also extending offerings to new market. We assist in developing products that support multiple platforms and adapt to the latest technology advancements without compromising quality.

Technology Stack

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