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Product Management

Product development is an ongoing process, and a major part of the work lies after its deployment in the market. Product managers have to monitor those products closely and get regular feedbacks. Then incorporate those comments in the next version of the product so that it improves the quality of the product and keeps the product up to date on the market.

It is evident that support and maintenance are part and parcel of the product management process. A product becomes incompetent in the market without being updated. Sensiple's Product Maintenance and Support services upgrade your product on a regular basis and ensure that you sustain success by delighting your existing customers.

Our product management framework focuses on product fault rectification, post-development support for the current product, product enhancement & up gradation, product software updates, and product refactoring. We help in remodeling the existing version, thereby reducing the cost involved in maintaining the old variant of the product. We could easily be your front-end team to help your clients.

How are we different:
  • Sensiple provides 24*7 product support, thus retaining its performance to the level of customer expectation
  • We provide quality support for your existing older versions at a cost that fits within your budget
  • Our experts can help you with performance tuning, without affecting the existing customer base

Sensiple Offerings

Business Stand Points

Regular enhancement - Worried if your product can sustain in the fierce competition?

Solution - It is important for any ISV to maintain their products continuously and modify them as necessary. Sensiple helps in the modification of software products after its delivery, to correct faults and improve the overall performance of the product. We believe in numerous enhancements as the software has to embrace the rapid technology advancements.

24*7*365 Support - Are your new initiatives getting stalled due to the existing product maintenance?

Solution - Products, once developed, need to undergo maintenance cycle to get upgraded and meet the current requirements of your customer. Sensiple helps ISVs to maintain and support their products continually, while they concentrate on their future demands. We continuously monitor your product and update it rapidly, so that your product's performance doesn’t fall below par.

Performance tuning - Does your existing product meet the expected performance?

Solution - Product performance evaluation is an important feature in the software development process. Product might lose its performance level or the expectation of the customers would become higher, resulting in the execution of the product going down. Sensiple can help product companies in monitoring the performance of the product. Our experts ensure a regular maintenance, so that product doesn’t lose its value in the market. We also help in tuning the performance as soon as some new functionalities get added to the existing product.

Product support - Not enough support to address level 2 and level 3 support?

Solution - It is important to explore the entire market, to sell the product to the maximum, and equally important to keep the existing customers engaged. Sensiple offers augmenting product with services which helps in maximizing the customer satisfaction and also extending offerings to new market. We assist in developing products that support multiple platforms and adapt to the latest technology advancements without compromising quality.

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