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Product Modernization

Constant evolution in technology has altered the way of doing business. These technology changes and the ever-changing consumer preference create multiple challenges and opportunities for ISVs and software product companies. It is important for the product companies to protect their existing investment and try to build upon the existing product to satisfy the customer needs.

Every product has its lifecycle with various stages. It is advisable to modernize and enhance the product during the lifecycle so that it better suits the customers’ needs. At any stage, product extension is possible by getting the existing clients’ feedback and implementing those changes that address their pain points. Sensiple can help you modernize your product by addressing the current issue faced by the product, so overall value increases with minimal risk.

Sensiple can help you refresh the user experience by seamlessly extending your business function across mobile, social media, and online. We also help clients in migrating their product to the next generation platforms that more efficiently interface with newer applications, facilitate quicker release, and satisfy the existing market needs. We could be part of your development team and together build the perfect roadmap for the product's modernization.

How are we different:
  • We help brands protect and increase the value by modernizing their software products
  • We hear your customers and then work on product innovation, based on the market demands
  • While improving your product, we take the burden off you so that you could run your business efficiently

Our Offerings

Business Stand Points

High maintainability - Burdened by the high cost of maintaining your existing product?

Solution - Having the same product for too long increases the cost of maintenance. Sensiple helps in the improvisation of product design and architecture; thereby the product comes in range with the existing technology updates. We also redesign the software for compatibility with a newer system.

Performance tuning - Is the current performance of the product yielding unhappy customers?

Solution - Technology gets updated on a daily basis. Customers appear to be on track with the technology advancement which is both a challenge and an opportunity for the product companies. Sensiple enhances the design of your product to cater to new technology trends. We improve the product functionality to meet your customer demands.

Updating - Is your current business model getting affected by legacy software?

Solution - Nowadays, enterprises face an increasing gap between the IT needs and the business needs. Sensiple helps in modernizing your legacy software system along with the platform, application, and database modernization. Our experienced staff understands the customer's preference and assists in creating a better user experience that allows you to reach the market very quickly.

Architecture - Stuck with your old design in a world of growing technology?

Solution - Modernization is not a project, but an ongoing journey. It is important for the business to manage the current demands of the customers and update themselves to meet future changes. Sensiple follows an ideal approach in which we continually build new architecture with new realities in mind, at the same time grounded in the current product and design.

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