Capital market offerings by Sensiple

With the ‘new normal’ in vogue, the capital market adapts to the evolving needs of their customer. With more stringent compliance rules in the practice capital market, today is dominated by the rising needs of digital banking and multi-channel customer experience. Presently the most significant challenge is to make financial institutions cost-effective, and hence capital market services should be a homogenous concoction of operational optimization and digital transformation.

Powered by Innovation

Sensiple’s Capital market services envision providing high-end support for its customers to carry out high-frequency trade practices with technologies like Big Data, cloud, mobile, IoT, and AI/ML. Our capital market products are based on a multi-protocol messaging infrastructure that initiates seamless electronic communications in the financial securities industry.

Automated Products

We believe in automation, and hence our capital market services offer automated trading of multi-asset, which includes securities or derivative, or any other financial transaction. Our products can be implemented widely on both buy-side and sell-side firms, trading platforms, and even to the extent of being compliant to regulatory bodies.

We work to provide our customers and partners with an array of comprehensive solutions that will undoubtedly meet the banking industry's dynamic needs. We believe in a process-driven approach to successfully embark on our client's trading journey and achieve an end to end operational transformation.

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