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Remote Infrastructure Management

While firms examine the landscape to direct their energies to the core business and maintain a competitive advantage, a deeper emphasis is being laid on wringing out costs and adding value to IT spend. A major component of IT spend is – IT Infrastructure management.

In today's age of the flattening globalization, data centers can be managed virtually from anyplace! Enterprises across the world are taking advantage of connecting with technically competent RIM service providers.

As a skilled player in Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services, we precisely understand the vulnerability of a total infrastructure downtime and what it will cost your business. Aligned with ITIL’s best practice framework, Sensiple helps you manage your incidents, service requests, changes, etc. We seek to be cautious, supportive, and proactive – aiming to come out with a quick and cost-effective solution to manage your infrastructure and database. Additionally, Sensiple with its broad range of locations and diverse skill set increases your flexibility of responding to your ever-changing business needs.

If you are uncertain about venturing into the unknown, worry not! We guide you through the initial stages of gap analysis and need assessment all the way to the end. Sensiple’s RIM services are designed to address the necessities of your IT assets, for both on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Our RIM services also offer you the option of experiencing RIM – monitor or manage a portion of your IT functions. As you find contentment, we gradually cover all of your infrastructures.

Our goal is to deliver higher availability, better performance, and enhanced utilization by continuously monitoring your existing infrastructure. We fulfill our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) in a quick and fuss-free manner ensuring the optimal performance levels required for your business unit goals are met.

With offices spread across the US and our offshore facility located in India, Sensiple brings you all the benefits of the low-cost, offshore business model without a geopolitical risk. There are no hidden costs involved whatsoever when you opt for our RIM services. Acquire the flexibility to scale your operations in consonance with your business growth without being concerned about a security breach. Sensiple takes the new ownership of making your IT services run without any hitches and as a result ensuring that we keep your lights burning!

How are we different:
  • Advantage of availing our ITIL compliant ServiceDesk ManageEngine as a help desk and assets management system
  • Enabling our customers to use ITSM automation platform like ServiceNow on demand basis
  • Provide end-to-end operational visibility into your service lifecycle and performance against SLAs and IT service goals through our dashboards and report metrics
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