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Sell Side Solution

Sensiple's sell-side solutions can manage your entire trading lifecycle from end to end. Our sophisticated multi-asset trading, market data, and connectivity solutions can empower the global capital market and trading community. We serve large investment banks, financial institutions, and trading companies to medium and small-sized regional players. With our sophisticated sell-side solutions, firms can scale to match the business growth and are used by major tier-one institutions worldwide.

Available as a fully managed service or as a customizable solution, Sensiple automates your front, middle and back-office workflows, by covering all your sell-side solutions in the capital market.

Who we serve: Sell-side Firms, Brokers, Custodians, Agents, Banks, Regulators and Venues

Our solutions and services support the following markets:

  • Equity
  • Future and Options
  • Fixed Income (bonds, debt, repos, IRS, NDF)
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex)
  • ETF
  • Commodities
Solutions for Sell side firms

Development Services and functional areas: Sensiple captures all the nuances that capital market industry faces and the role these individual parts together play to make a complete solution. As part of advanced multi-asset capabilities, Sensiple offers an array of electronic trading features for buy-side institutions during Pre-trade, Trade, and Post-trade.

Front Office Solutions: We provide complete front office solutions such as Order Routing, Trade Execution, Trade Date Position Reporting, Quotes, Market data, Short Reference Data Trade Capture & Validations, internal Matching, multiple venues connections, DMA, Position Management across various asset classes.

Back Office: We cover all the aspects of asset servicing, settlement, collateral management, pricing/risk/reporting, including support for multiple asset classes.

Tool based Integration: Sensiple's device based integration solution has been designed and positioned to handle complex combinations regarding protocol and Hedge Fund Trading. We develop end-to-end functionality that offers a gamut of capabilities with unparalleled performance.

Validation and Support Services: Complying with growing and changing regulations remains a significant challenge for sell-side firms. Sensiple’s validation process and domain experience ensure certified effective solution across capital market systems and functional areas.

How are we different:
  • A Wide Array of Customizable, Multi-Asset/Multi-Currency Trading Strategies, and trading solutions
  • Efficient Algorithmic Trading and Execution Management System for multi-asset classes
  • All-inclusive, Multi-Asset Order Management System with Integrated Compliance Unit, Decision Support, and Portfolio Management
  • Advanced Sensiple Analytic Modules for an optimized Trading Decisions

Business Stand Points

Time - Managing time creating an enormous impact on your business?

Solution - Regulation enforcement and the implementation of Compliance practices are creating pressures on the day to day activities of sell side. Current market requires a drastic change in the business model while having the same old resources in place. This change has an enormous impact on time management. Sensiple’s sell-side solution helps your company to adapt to these compliance changes rapidly.

Multi- Asset Trading - Has it became the new fashion for the Buy-side firm?

Solution - Budget constraints and headcount reduction on the sell side has renewed the demand for multi-asset trading. Clients nowadays are more focused on multi-asset trading and Sensiple’s Multi-Asset Trading solution allows the customer to deal with real-time multi-asset class information from the disparate market data source. We can help in data-driven trading, which can be implemented across the entire trade lifecycle.

Cost - Does the new regulation and requirement of more resources costing you more?

Solution - Companies have just started to emerge out of the 2008 crisis, but they are already facing a huge change in their landscape, where it cost more than the previous. According to the latest report by AcadiaSoft, “More than 90% of the capital market firms are still using the spreadsheet, which proves to be costly and less efficient. Sensiple’s sell side services can help to collate, validate and automate their data for greater transparency and control of their business in cost effective way.

Risk - Huge risk in pursuing Multi-asset, Multi-currency trading?

Solution - The sell-side firm is facing a significant number of discrepancies and risk. They are involved highly volatile and risk market, wherein even a single wrong decision would cost them a fortune. Sensiple Advanced valuation and risk management solution can help in bring out useful insights from the massive pond of data, thereby analyzing and reducing the risk for trade new instruments and asset classes. Our risk management solution can give out ideas, which help the firm to expand investment opportunities, cost savings and ensure consistent model throughout the enterprise.

Technology Stack

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